Who Is the Best Player in the NBA?

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Who Is the Best Player in the NBA?

Now that Lebron has choked again is he still considered as the best in the NBA? Derrick Rose may have won the MVP but in many people's minds he still wasn't the best league player. Was it Dirk Nowitzki the finals MVP who had an outstanding season. Or maybe even Dwight Howard or Kobe Bryant who if rumours are to believe will be on the same team next season. So who do you think it is? who is the best player in the NBA? Is Kevin Durant still in the conversation after being the favourite for MVP at the start of last season? So who do you think it is? I think even after joking Lebron is still the best player in the league, only Magic Johnson has been able to have court vision similar to Lebron's and excluding mental toughness that puts Lebron at the top of the basketball world. What do you think?

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wasn't this just a thread

a few dyas ago? And a few before that?

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