Who is the best player in the NBA

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Who is the best player in the NBA

Who is the best player in the NBA?

Using this criteria

1. If you had to build a franchise from scratch right now who would you choose?
2. Are they a proven winner?
3. What position in the Nba do you belive is the most important?
4. Who is the best all -around player?
5. Who is the most skilled?
6. Who is the most dominant?
7. Who would you have taking the last shot with the game in the line?

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you almost have to choose

you almost have to choose lebron because he is so dominant and so young still. when you pick a guy he pretty much has to be young when you are talking about building a team. guys like kevin durant and derrick rose would also get consideration. let me divide it like this.

best regular season player- lebron james

best playoff player- kobe bryant.

i think kobe is the most skilled but lebron is more dominant. there is a small list of players and my top 5 in order are.

1) kobe bryant
2) lebron james
3) dwayne wade
4) dwight howard
5) kevin durant

notice all the talk about point guards and none in my top 5. i think while its an important position, you still need that dominant force that a point guard cant provide. thats why if the magic get paul, it would be scary and okc has westbrook and durant which could grow into a dominant duo. i think the next 5 though would be point guard dominant but they arent close to the top 5.


6) chris paul
7) deron williams
8)pau gasol
9) derrick rose
10) dirk nowitzki

notice all these guys do more than 1 thing well, thats what makes them top players.

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