Who are your Top Five Favorite Athletes (any sport) of all time, and why?

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Who are your Top Five Favorite Athletes (any sport) of all time, and why?

Here are mine:

1. Magic Johnson: Magic was charismatic, passionate, fun-loving, and was the ultimate entertainer. He had a lot of highlights, but his game was still fundamentally sound. I always rooted for him over Michael because he was so unselfish. He got so much satisfaction out of making a great pass.

2. John Stockton: Everyone knows how good of a passer John Stockton was, but people don't realize how underrated of a scorer he was and how good of percentages he shot. As a basketball purist, I couldn't get enough Stockton-and-Malone growing up. I also appreciated his example, showing that you don't have to be the biggest, the most athletic, or the best leaper to be effective. You just have to study the game and work hard at it.

3. Barry Sanders: How many Thanksgiving day games did Barry Sanders leave Americans with their jaws on the floor? I've never seen any athlete defy the laws of nature by changing directions so quickly. This guy left tacklers wondering if they were even in the right profession. Lousy offensive line, lousy QBs, no excuses. He was quiet, didn't do TD dances, but just flipped the ball to the ref. He understood the "Expect-to-succeed" philosophy.

4. Roger Federer: A pillar of class, gracefulness, and skill. Today's athlete is narcisstic, but RF is the opposite. At the peak of his career, he was an absolute master at always thinking two or three shots ahead of his opponents. He never settles for anything less than excellence. He always gives his opponents credit and praise. His dominance is starting to taper off, but I'll always root for Fed.

5. Stephen Curry: I was something of a 3-point assassin during my playing days myself, so growing up, I loved Dell Curry. I followed Steph ever since his freshman year at Davidson, when they beat Maryland in the first round of the tourney behind Steph's 30. He was an absolute thrill to watch in college and his first two years in the NBA have been brilliant. He is a pure shooter but has incredible instincts as a passer too. He's a smart, smooth, skilled player, and everyone knows him as a wholesome, Christian guy off the court.

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Not trying to nitpick, but

Not trying to nitpick, but Davidson lost to Maryland in the first round that year. Steph had a great game though.

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Oh yeah that's right! My b.

Oh yeah that's right! My b.

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My 5

Some great players and some players that made an impact on me in a more personal level.

Met all 5 and can say they are all extremely well spoken and likeable individuals.

1. Ken Griffey Jr. - Junior has one of the sweetest baseball swings of all time, as well as one of the best personalitlies. He definined the centerfield position with his combination of height and speed.

2. Shaquille O'Neal - Dominating during the three year title run with the Lakers, as well as a fun loving persona. In 1999-2000 he avergaed a 30 & 15 in the playoffs.

3. Nolan Ryan - The man threw heat and recorded a record 7 no-hitters & he still holds the strikeout record. He was a definitive 'power' pitchers and was unwilling to walk away from a fight. For example his beating of Robin Ventura on the mound.

4. Jim Abbott - Defied normal logic. He is one of the best motivational speakers on overcoming obstacles. (attended his baseball camps as kid, so i am kind of biased).

5. Ron Coomer - From Illinois, and was an impact player on several major league rosters. Really gave back the Illinois as a whole through different exposure leagues within AAU. Respectable man.

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1. Novak Djokovic- If you

1. Novak Djokovic- If you look at what he has done this year your jaw will drop to the florr. The best in the business of all sports right now. He's young and very smart and if he can keep doing what he's doing than he will definately be GOAT for tennis. It's a shame not many people know about him or think tennis is a stupid sport.

2. Vlade Divac- He's definately not the best basketball player of all time but what he meant to serbians all across the world was amazing, he was and is such a great ambassador of our country and people. He's even given millions of dollars away in humanitarian causes to yugoslavia and africa.

3. Vladimir Radmanovic- My favorite player in the NBA right now. I'm so dissapointed how his career has turned out and really wished and thought he could of been something special. He was a 6'10'' 235 lb. athletic 3 point shooter, he had it all. Injuries,bad defense, and a few bad runs with teams have gotten him to where he is now, but I still really like how he plays now and still think he can contribute for teams.

4. Peja Stojakovic- He kind of fits in with the same type of model as Divac, bu with a hell of a career and 3 point shot. It wasn't always preety looking but his three was something else. He can still shoot it and I'm really happy he finally won his title this year.

5. Sofolokis Schortanis- Only real basketball geeks are going to know about him but I would love to be his size and have his game. I personally feel that he is a great talent and with such a big body and such strength I'm saddened to think he's never going to play in the NBA after being taken in the best draft class of all time.

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Mr. Chicago, I remember

Mr. Chicago, I remember watching Nolan Ryan toss Jim Thome around too! So funny. And great points about Jim Abbott.

FortheWin, I take it you are Serbian? Really interesting to see how your nationality affects the way you watch and play sports. Good stuff!

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1. Reggie Miller - When I

1. Reggie Miller - When I first started watching basketball It was all about MJ but I heard about this guy Reggie saw one game and was hooked. The reason I love running off screens and shooting 3's.

2. Dirk Nowitzki - Just love the awkwardness of his game, throughout high school would watch him religiously and tried to learn all his moves.

3. Andrew Mehrtens - Growing up in New Zealand it's all about rugby, I was a first-five which is the same position as him and loved kicking goals which he was/still is the best I have seen.

4. Andre Agassi - Just an amazing tennis player who could hit a return like noone I've ever seen. Loved his sort of I don't care what anyone else thinks attitude.

5. Sean Fitzpatrick - Again another rugby player for the All Blacks, just one of if not the best leader I have ever seen.

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Andrew, my nationality does

Andrew, my nationality does have input in who I watch and root for but I still really like a lot about these guys besides the fact that there serbian.

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1. Chris Mullin: absolutely

1. Chris Mullin: absolutely mastered the low gravity game. Could not run or jump over a piece of paper on a good day, but somehow managed to score ~ 25ppg on any given night. One of the best "off-the ball" players of all time.

2. Pete Sampras: RF idolized him, and is the reason why RF is where he is at. His serve was not the fastest, but it was the best ever.

3. Roy Jones Jr.: Few was as entertaining to watch than this guy. Was absolutely jacked in his haydays.

4. Zinedine Zidane: True master of his trade. Too bad his legacy will be the headbutt to Matterazzi

5. Carl Lewis: Dominated both 100 and 200 meters AND the longjump for about a decade. Flamboyant, but backed it up on the track.

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Niner QBs

Joe Montana - One of the best QB's All Time

Steve Young - Another HOF

Jeff Garcia - Made the most of his abilities

Alex Smith - OMG the last 7 years and still going

Colin Kapernick - He got next

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Top 5

1 Reggie Miller - dont know why, but when i first really started to appreciate the game of basketball, he was the man in my opinion

2 Terrell Brandon - in my opinion he was the best true point guard in the league in his prime, unfortunately injuries slowed him down quite a bit

3 Alvin Williams - the epitome of the "unsung hero," loved how he played.

4 Orlando Woolridge - before my time, but have watched my fair share of classic bulls/nets/nuggets games. loved his style of play

5 Priest Holmes - my favorite football player of all time, loved him for all of his charity work and the fact that he wasnt the most physically gifted but played with heart

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1. Michael Jordan - I grew up

1. Michael Jordan - I grew up a Bulls fan and MJ was and is the GOAT, on the court and revolutionized the culture of basketball in the late 80's and 90's.

2. Hakeem Olajuwon - He was such an amazing player to watch, skilled, fast, athletic, smart, and truly the master of his craft.

3. Brian Urlacher - One of the best complete athletes I've ever watched compete and he's got such a tough and all business attitude that I love in a football player. Urlacher in his prime was stronger, faster, and just as good of a leaper as Lebron James in his prime....he's a freak.

4. Brandon Rush - My favorite college team is KU and Rush was thought of as a one and done player coming into college, but he stayed (wisely I might ad from a draft anaylists' perspective) had a great college career, meshed well with the team and played a crucial role in bringing KU a National Championship.

5. Sammy Sosa - He's kind of a freak now with his whole skin bleaching thing, but that doesn't take away what an amazing player he was to watch. The whole steroid era in baseball kind of adds an * to career accolades, but I don't feel it takes away those exciting moments he provided to fans everywhere 10-15 years ago.

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I'm UK based so you may not

I'm UK based so you may not be aware of one or two of these guys.

1. Mohammed Ali - The Greatest, the first man to win the World Heavyweight Championship 3 times.

2. George Best - Perhaps the most gifted footballer ever but also effectively finished by 26 years old, struggled with alcoholism until he died at only 59 years old in 2005.

3. Sir Ian Botham - An England Cricketing legend ( look up Botham 1981 if you want more background). Since retiring has raised a huge amount of money for luekemia research by completing numerous sponsored walks.

4. Daley Thompson - A Double Olympic Decathlon Champion and former World Record Holder.

5. Jack Nicklaus - 18 Golf Majors, a class guy conceeded a half in a Ryder Cup that few others. The British Open in 2005 was changed to St Andrews so he could play there once more.

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I love this site, gets

I love this site, gets negatives for your own opinion.

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1. Ken Griffey Jr. - The best

1. Ken Griffey Jr. - The best to ever do it in the game of baseball IMO. Had it not been for his injury plagued early years in Cinci he'd be the all-time HR king. But in his prime he was in a league of his own. The prettiest swing of this era, great power, and great defense out in center field. Not to mention one of the best shoes in all of sports.

2. Roy Jones Jr. - The confidence & swagger this guy fought with was amazing to watch. He completely dominated opponents and made them look silly in the process. He took his unorthodox/arrogant style that people said would never work and became a legend. Unfortunately, he was one that held on to the sport for way too long.

3. Jerry Rice - The best reciever to ever lace up a pair of cleats. Not at all the most physically gifted athlete to play the position, but year in and year out he proved he couldn't be stopped. When 2 QB's end up in the HOF because of you, you know you were special.

4. Tracy McGrady - One of the best offensive players I've ever seen. All-around skill set combined with freakish athleticism and all sorts of go to moves off the dribble. Carried some really average teams on his back(which is why it's messed up now). He gets a bad rap for not getting out of the 1st round, but he did everything he could in every opportunity he got to advance. Always wonder "what if" Grant Hill would've been healthy for just 1 of those years in ORL. The way people view both players would be a lot different.

5. Barry/Deion Sanders - I couldn't pick 1 because I enjoyed watching both guys so much. Probably the 2 best playmakers of their era. Every time they got the ball in their hands, each guy was a threat to score. The way they made people miss and turned impossible plays into highlights and how often they did it is ridiculous. I don't think there will ever be another of either guy.

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1. Sachin Tendulkar-

1. Sachin Tendulkar- INDIAN!!!!!

2. Shaq- The reason I started watching basketball.

3. Kobe- After Shaq, I fell in love with him and his fadeaway.

4. Dirk- Being a big man that loves to shoot, he is definately one of my favorites to watch.

5. Jeremy Lin- ASIAN!

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BASKETBALL: John Stockton


BASEBALL: Dave Winfield (also drafted by NBA & NFL)

HOCKEY: Mario Lemieux

BOXING: Julio Cesar Chavez

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Devin Hester- Been on him
  1. Devin Hester- Been on him since Fr. year at The U no more to say but I told everyone so.
  2. Percy Harvin- Best HS player I have ever seen in person
  3. Michael Vick- Every kid in VA who plays or played QB thinks they have that Vick in them.
  4. Allen Iverson- Had me gone. I admired everything about him as a person & player.
  5. Derrick Rose- Fav PG

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1) pete maravich - thank my

1) pete maravich - thank my dad for this one

2) adrian peterson- guy is... unbelievable

3) jamal lewis- tank!!

4) steve nash- love his jumper and game

5) austin rivers- yup, im a nut hugger

almost made it: tim hardaway, ray allen, stephen curry, manny pacman pacquiao

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Tim Duncan - my favorite

Tim Duncan - my favorite player of all time, especially in his prime to see him play was experience of joy in an exceptional way, the combination of skills, power, genius, elegance, versatility, his game was magical! also modest person!

Zinedine Zidane - the one and only, a working class hero, master the game with old fashion style, was so skilled, pure and graceful, it was mesmerize to see him play every time.

Roger Federer - like the Tim Duncan of Tennis! how can you not love his game and the person?!

Bruce Bowen - an inspiring player, as a Spurs fan he gave me a lot pleasure and pride, what can i say about his defense - it's art, i just miss that!

Manu Ginobili - exciting to watch, high level player in his unique mode.

Thierry Henry - the most fun to watch striker, like his personality, so charismatic!

Evan Turner - my newest Favorite, from the beginning i start watching him his game impress and excite me endlessly.

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George Brett- He's my

George Brett- He's my favorite player because he played on my hometown team his whole career, and who can forget the Pine Tar Game??

Tim Duncan- My first NBA game I watched was a spurs game in like 2004, and I fell in love with his game immediately.

Dante Hall- Played on my hometown team THE CHIEFS almost his whole career and his return game is spectacular. I cant wait for a team to sign him because he hasn't retired YET.

Mario Chalmers- Ahhhhh the 2008 National Championship game.... what can I say... one of the best moments of my sports life!

Kevin Durant- I don't know why, but i think his shooting stroke is very cool. And hes KEVIN DURANT.

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1. Michael Jordan- only

1. Michael Jordan- only because he is the greatest basketball player to ever play the game.

2. Walter Payton- He was an amazing RB and an amazing person he could do everything on the football field.

3. Barry Bonds- Young Barry that played for the pirates was unbelieveable old Barry that played with the giants was amazing I personally think he is the best baseball player ever.

4. Barry Sanders- This guy had the worst offensive line in NFL history and he had some of the most amazing runs that I have ever seen in my life. He retired to young also he was amazing.

5. Mike Tyson- This man was an event to watch in his younger years he was so intimidating to other boxers that he usually won the fight before he got in the ring he had boxers so scared of him. He had some of the most vicious knockouts in boxing history. He was a beast in the ring.

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1. Reggie Miller - I'm from

1. Reggie Miller - I'm from Indianapolis and grew up a Pacers fan, so he was huge.

2. Michael Jordan - I only rooted against him when the Bulls were facing the Pacers.

3. Barry Sanders - My favorite running back of all-time. He could turn a play that looked like a 1 yard loss into a 65 yard touchdown.

4. Emitt Smith - Big time fan when he was with the Cowboys.

5. Deion Sanders - Prime Time lol. He used to shut down his side of the field and was dynamic on punt returns lol. Loved when they put him at wideout and did the reverse.

Other athletes I like are Pete Sampris, Roger Federer, Ray Lewis, Marshall Faulk and Roy Jones Jr.

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The Dave Winfield achievement

The Dave Winfield achievement of being drafted in all 3 sports is surely unique and perhaps puts him up there with other multi sports stars like Jim Brown, Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson to name but 3.

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1) Elgin Baylor - Who else as

1) Elgin Baylor - Who else as a 6'5'' small forward can put up career #'s of 27.4 ppg, 13.5 rpg, and 4.3 apg. One of the most underrated players in NBA history.

2) Barry Sanders- Such a beast on the field with his jukes and being only 5'8'' he paved the road for small backs like brian westbrook

3) Andre Johnson- Completely dominant force and can throw a mean haymaker as well lol (see cortland finnegan fight)

4) Vladimir Guerrero- He's a real man. No gloves. He was outstanding with the Expos.

5) Sean Taylor- Sucks his life was cut short. Taylor could kill people.

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1.Muhammed Ali-I still get a

1.Muhammed Ali-I still get a Kick out of watching those Old Clips of him Talking Sh!t before his Fights...

2.Magic Johnson-

3.Micheal Jordan-


5.Deion Sanders & Mike Tyson-

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