who are your top 5 for every position in the nba this season

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who are your top 5 for every position in the nba this season

1.yao ming
2.dwight howard
3.tim ducan
4.shaquille o'neal
5.marcus camby

power forwards
1.dirk nowitzki
2.kevin garnett
3.chris bosh
4.pau gasol
5.lamarcus aldridge

small forwards
1.lebron james
2.kevin durant
3.paul pierce
4.stephen jackson
5.carmelo anthony

shooting guards
1.dwayne wade
2.kobe bryant
3.brandon roy
4.joe johnson
5.vince carter

point gurads
1.chris paul
2.deron williams
3.derrick rose
4.chauncey billups
5.rajon rondo

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looks pretty good, but you

looks pretty good, but you got Brandon Roy twice at 2 guard. i like Yao as your top center. i agree. i think you need Granger as your #4 SF. Bump Rudy Gay off the list even though i really like him. Paul Pierce #2SF over jackson & melo. Billups over Rondo. i gotta go with Howard over Duncan. maybe VC as #5 SG. tony parker as #3 PG even though i love Rose. & Shaq has to be your #4 or #5 center. i think Gasol over Bosh. thats what i got off first glance. good list though.

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Based on performance this

Based on performance this season:

Point Guards
1.Chauncey Billups
2.Tony Parker
3.Chris Paul
4.Deron Williams
5.Mo Williams

Shooting Guards:
1.Kobe Bryant
2.Dwayne Wade
3.Brandon Roy
4.Joe Johnson
5.Ray Allen

Small Forwards:
1.Lebron James
2.Paul Pierce
3.Danny Granger
4.Carmelo Anthony
5.Rashard Lewis

Power Forwards:
1.Tim Duncan
2.Pau Gasol
3.Chris Bosh
4.Amare Stoudamire
5.David West

1.Dwight Howard
2.Yao Ming
3.Shaquille Oneal
4.Al Jefferson
5.Zydrunas Ilgauskas

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