Who are you guys' top 10 Players in the NBA?

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It's funny how every year we

It's funny how every year we ALWAYS hear how we expect HUGE things from LBJ, NEXT year, but when next year comes same old 27,7,7 LBJ(great numbers) but yet unable to lead his team to the victory at the big dance. That is why I say he's not the best. Not because I wanna take away his incredible regular seasons and 3/4 of posteason. but because when the REAL pressure is on, he has to have his 2nd in command lead his team. And IMO, the reason Wade struggled so much during the first part of playoffs was simply because of the fact LBJ had gone back to playing Lebron ball. If we're talking overall talent , yeah LBJ is best, but if we're talking about being able to consistently do the stuff, then by no means is he the best. 3rd or 4th, yes, but not #1.

This is not hatred, this is me simpy feeling that the best player isn't always the guy with the best numbers, but the guy who gets it done at the end of the day.

BTW, to those who say LBJ's on the physical decline, I must strongly disagree,. For the amount of weight he has put on, he's still a top level athlete who is even able to guard PG's. All the guy needs to do is lose 10-15 lbs and he'll be right back to athletic marvel LBJ. HE'S 27 YEARS OLD, NOT 37.

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The Top 10

1. Dirk

2. Wade

3. LeBron

4. Derrick Rose

5. Dwight Howard

6. Kevin Durant

7. Kobe Bryant

8. Chris Paul

9. Zach Randolph

10. Blake Griffin

That's RIGHT NOW. Dirk can move down some, even though he is the best offensive weapon in the game who also gives you some rebounding and is a matchup nightmare. He is unstoppable on offense when he is on his game and his fallaway shots are unguardable. He is also automatic from the foul line and a pretty decent shot blocker. Wade is the best shooting guard in the game, but I can see Kobe Byrant narrowing the gap some next year. LeBron is the best all-around but not the clutch go-to guy like Dirk is. Rose and Howard are the best little guy and big guy in the game respectively. Chris Paul is the best pure point guard, and you can debate that he is better than Rose. I was considering D-Will in the top 10 but his teams haven't really done well recently and he is signed with a Turkish team so I am not sure he qualifies. Z Bo had a great finish to the year and has really played well the past two seasons. I like him at 9 but after Chris Paul I could go with Z Bo (9) and Blake Griffin (10) or other guys like Lamarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, Rondo, or Steve Nash. I have Blake Griffin at 10 because he attacks the basket on offense and can get to the rim better than Love or LA. He is also a very good rebounder and a pretty decent ball handler. Griffin can also get up the floor faster than Love and could turn into a better defender (quicker, better athlete) than Love.

I don't really see much difference in the guys between 1 and 7. Then I have Chris Paul who is always a sleeper MVP candidate if not a legit one. After those guys it drops a little bit but I have to go with Z Bo and Blake with Kevin Love and LA getting a lot of attention.

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Mine: 1.LeBron James -


1.LeBron James - Statistically he's the best, now if only he could win a ring. IMO he has already reached his prime and wont get any better seasons.
2.Kobe Bryant - LeBron is the best player, however kobe is the Greatest player (that is still playing right now) clutch, a winner, killer instinct.
3.Kevin Durant - Imo it will be LeBron vs Durant as the best player in the NBA for years to come. He gets good rebounds. He just needs to work on his defense (which he as great potential on 6'11 wing come on he could be great on defense, but he is still young and has not even reached his prime.)
4.Dwyane Wade - Getting older, but can also be in the top 3 maybe best shooting guard in the NBA. it depends on the person.
5.Dirk Nowitzki - Yes he's good, but i dont like people overrating and getting caught up in the moment. DON'T JUMP THE BANDWAGON
6.Derrick Rose - Next great point guard in the NBA
7.Dwight Howard - Needs to develop post moves. Unless he does i dont see him truely dominating the NBA like any great center did.
8.Carmelo Anthony - Good scorer. has already reached his prime. Won;t get any better.
9.Chris Paul - Same case for chris paul. He needs to go to another team or get better teammates and start winning.
10.Russell Westbrook - I see him as Kevin Durant's scottie pippen, the robin next to batman. Once he matures as a point guard. Makes better decisions i could see him getting better than rose.

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RW could make the jump this

RW could make the jump this year, and I really hope he does. Amare is right there with Blake and Z Bo but Blake is better athletically and on the boards while Z Bo has a slightly better post game and is a better rebounder. If Z Bo plays like he did in the playoffs then he is a top 10 guy. If Amare plays like he did early last year then he is easily a top 10 guy.

I have Kevin Love below Z Bo because I think Z Bo is a better low post scorer and more clutch. Both are supbar on defense, both can hit the 3 a little bit. Love is a better outlet passer and is a slightly better rebounder but I am not sure there is that big of a diference. If Love improves his low post game and his defense, and if Z Bo starts to slip then I will put Love over Z Bo and maybe even Blake. To me, to be a Top 10 guy you have to be a franchise guy so that is one reason why LA isn't in my top 10. Going on playoffs, Z Bo is in there and Blake Griffin is obviously a franchise-type talent. But you can make a case for Amare due to his awesome offense and the way he really put the Knicks on his back earlier in the year.

Carmelo is a great player but his teams haven't really done well in the playoffs. He is probably in that 10-20 range that has some really great players but not Franchise Guys on Legit Contenders. Others in this list are Love, LA, Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo, D-Will (if he doesn't play in Turkey), Steve Nash, and Amare (could be a top 5-10 guy if he starts the year hot). My last two guys in this range would be Manu and Pau Gasol. Very good players and great 2nd options on contenders, but maybe not a premier franchise guy.

I am not sure that anyone moves up into the Top 20 this year like Z Bo, LA, and Kevin Love moved into the Top 20 last year. If Golden State gets into the playoffs somehow (I think that the last spot will be up for grabs as the Hornets will probably miss the playoffs) then Monta Ellis or Steph Curry could get into the Top 20. If the Kings make a major move up the Western Conference standings I can see Tyreke Evans getting consideration especially if he averages something like 22-6-6.

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