who are the best remaining free agents left by position?

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who are the best remaining free agents left by position?

just trying to see who yall think and what not.

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Varejao a free agent?
The best ones are at the 4 spot.
P. Millisap, D. Lee, and Big Baby.
Andre Miller and Mike Bibby.

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top 7 by pos

C- 1.Birdman 2.Zaza 3.Swift 4.Mihm 5.Collins 6.Collins 7.Gray

PF- 1.Lee 2.Millsap 3.Varejao 4.Mcdyess 5.Davis 6.Gooden 7.Wilcox

SF- 1.Odom 2.Marion 3.Williams 4.Kleiza 5.Hill 6.Jones 7.Moon

SG- 1.AI 2.Nate 3.Childress 4.McCants 5.Mason 6.Wally 7.Green

PG. 1.Kidd 2.Sessions 3.Bibby 4.Marbury 5.Felton 6.Brown 7.Jack

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point guard Andre

point guard

Andre Miller
Mike Bibby- he's goin back to ATL on a 3yr deal
Ramon Sessions
Raymond Felton- most likely going back to Bobcats
Jarret Jack
Stephon Marbury- read he might be going to the Wizards
Nate Robinson

shooting guard

Allen Iverson
Dahntay Jones
Anthony Parker
Von Wafer
Marquis Daniels
Joey Graham

small forward

Shawn Marion
Lamar Odom
Josh Childress
Marvin Williams
Matt Barnes
Grant Hill
Lineas Kleiza

power forward

David Lee
Paul Millsap
Antonio Mcdyess
Leon Powe
Brandon Bass
Big Baby Davis
Chris Wilcox
Anderson Varejao
Drew Gooden
Hakim Warrick
Channing Frye


Melvin Ely
Theo Ratliff
Jamal Magloire
Zaza Pachulia
Joe Smith
Rasho Nesterovic
Jake Voskuhl

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Is anyone actually still
Is anyone actually still calling Odom a small forward these days? He's clearly a big.
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come on guys

Where is Marcin Gortat??!!He is the best Center in free agent pool...he will be Most Improved Player next season!!

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Well the best PG left is

Well the best PG left is Sessions. The Bucks made him an offer but I expect to see some other teams step in and try to outbid Milwaukee. In the end though I think the Bucks have enough cash to keep him & Sessions will stay a Buck. I hope he finds a new team though.

The best SG left is Rashad McCants. He is a sleeper. He says that he really likes Dallas (I pray he doesnt go there, I hate the Mavs). Rashad also says he likes the Knicks & Heat. It all depends though on what teams want him. I havent heard any offers yet but they will come. If a team needs a potent scorer and good long range shooter they should take a look at McCants. The Bulls could definitely use him. The Knicks would be a great fit too.

Once again there are some good SFs on the market. However, you can pretty much bank on it that Odom & Marvin Williams will stay put. Grant Hill is going to Boston I think. That leaves Shawn Marion & Josh Childress as the two major impact players left. Cleveland should get one of these two.

There are a lot of quality PFs left. David Lee, Milsap, Glen Davis, Birdman & Brandon pass are clearly the best 5 left IMO. Big Baby is more than likely going to the Spurs. All these guys can really help a new team out.

All the free agent Centers are pretty much just bench players now.

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