Who are the best frontcourt duo in the league? (best PF-C combination)

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Who are the best frontcourt duo in the league? (best PF-C combination)

Not just by numbers.. Who is the best in your opinion? I think that Drummond and Monroe are really scary and have tons of potential, and if Oden is healthy (a big if) , he and Bosh could be very good.. Also KG and Lopez, but if I had to pick one I'd have to go with Marc and Z-Bo. What do you guys think?

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Chandler and Melo.. Yeah,

Chandler and Melo.. Yeah, Melo is probably more of a SF but he started most of the year at PF last year.

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Same goes for Lebron, in

Same goes for Lebron, in lineups where they featured Chalmers, Wade, Battier/Miller, Lebron, Bosh

Given those sorts of small ball lineups similar to the Knicks one, I think Lebron and Bosh deserve to be mentioned

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Timmy and Splitter.Timmy

Timmy and Splitter.

Timmy brings the defense, Splitter the offense. Both are mobile and can guard the pick and roll.

Y'all sleeping on the Spurs again. I 'aint even mad.

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Splitter was beyond awful in

Splitter was beyond awful in the playoffs though. Most bigs can really hurt Miami by being physical...Splitter shied away and played like a &$#%#[email protected]!. Pop barely played him at all the last 3 games because of it.

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I think Hibbert/West probably

I think Hibbert/West probably deserves to be mentioned, but I'd still go with Gasol/Randolph for right now. KG/Lopez might be good too, but we'll have to see.

I don't think Drummond has progressed enough yet.

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The big 3 big-men duos are, I

The big 3 big-men duos are, I think, Memphis, Brooklyn and Indiana (Hibbert and West).

Detroit (Monroe and Drummond) has the best potential, but they've got to fit Josh Smith in there too.

Also Minnesota with Love and Pekovic deserve at least a mention.

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Anderson Varejao and Tristan

Anderson Varejao and Tristan Thompson have to be the best rebounding front court, they're both glass vacuums, especially O-boards.

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If Kevin Love comes back to

If Kevin Love comes back to his form from two years ago and Pekovic maintains some of the production he had when Love was injured, than I think Minnesota gets the nod. Otherwise, I'm thinking it goes Brooklyn, Memphis, Indiana, in that order.

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I think Detroit has the best

I think Detroit has the best trio of bigs but I would say Memphis has the best duo if they had more scoring (3 point shooting) from the sg and sf they would have went to the finals and won.

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It will be Favors and Kanter

It will be Favors and Kanter once they got the minutes

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Gasol and Randolph are # 1

Gasol and Randolph are # 1

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Even though I'm a Jazz fan

Even though I'm a Jazz fan I'd go with Gasol and Randolph, with Love and Pec second and Garnett & Lopez 3rd,, Both the Jazz and the Piston could challenge for the top spot next year but this year is too soon , I love Kanter & Favors as my Jazz's front court and this year should be entertaining, even if the W's will be hard to come by. As to who will be the best front court of the future between the Pistons Drummond & Monroe or the Jazz's Favors & Kanter, it could come down to who will end up being the best offensive player between Favors and Drummond, big question as both have a lot of work to do in that area. I'll take Favors even though I'm high on Drummond and his potential.

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I think I have to go with

I think I have to go with Bosh and LeBron.

I'm interested to see how good defensively Howard and Asik do this season.

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Oden (healthy) and Bosh

Oden (healthy) and Bosh sounds great... I'm not picking Gasol/Z-Bo at #1, especially after last playoffs, KG/Lopez sounds great, but unfortunately KG won't play more than 30mpg... I'll take Hibbert/West and wait what Howard/Asik can do...

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I think Ilyasova and Sanders

I think Ilyasova and Sanders compliment eachother perfectly and could become the best down the road

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Z Bo and Marc Gasol are the

Z Bo and Marc Gasol are the best big man duo in the league. LeBron and Bosh are the best unorthodox big man combo. Hibbert and West are very effective too.

There is some great potential for KG and Brook Lopez pairings and the Bosh and Oden big man duo this year.

The Heat might be better off sticking to the small-ball formula with LeBron at the 4 and Bosh at the 5, and they were nearly unstoppable when Birdman showed up, but I can see their need to go big (Bosh AND Oden) at certain times next year, especially in the playoffs. Those 4 bigs will make the Heat really hard to beat next year. They can go small, but they can also go big to grit and grind with the Grizzlies and Pacers of the world.

The wildcard duo here is David Lee and Andrew Bogut. If they play at an elite level then I think the Warriors can go to the Finals.

Also, I am intrigued with Spencer Hawes and Nerlens Noel in Philly. That combo might actually work. Hawes is more of a scorer and Noel is more of a rangy shot blocker and finisher. Road games at the Sixers place might be the 'trap game' of the year this year.

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Bynum + Tristan Thompson

Can I throw out Bynum + TT?

Bynum, if healthy ( I know ), is pretty much 1a/1b up there with Dwight as far as best center. Tristan Thompson can be JJ Hickson with better BBIQ.

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I don't think Larry and

I don't think Larry and Ilyasova are nearly one of the best, but as one of the other guys said, they compliment each other amazingly well.

Those two and John Henson have the potential to be a very good frontcourt trio down the road.

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Yeah I too thought about

Yeah I too thought about mentioning Bogut and Lee.. And Bynum did not seem like the best center in the NBA at all when he played against Oden, just my opinion

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I'm surprised KG and Lopez

I'm surprised KG and Lopez haven't gotten more talk. Evans was cleaning the glass next to Lopez last season and KG is going to play that role only he'll actually be able to hit some offense and he'll be able to draw power forwards out of the lane to give Lopez more room to work ( he's put up good numbers playing next to Evans and Humphries who don't warrant a more than a 5 foot away defensive stance outside of 10 feet ). Especially with KG's passing skill and both their abilities in the high-low game.

Still probably not on the level of Gasol/Z-Bo ( who has my vote ) but I envision that combo being great next season. I wish Chicago could have gotten LA, an Aldridge/ Noah combo would have been awesome, but just the day dreams of a Bulls fan on that one.

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there are 4 teams that

there are 4 teams that deserve serious contention and a few that are just not quite developed enough or are close but not quite better. the 4 are:

brooklyn, indiana, memphis, and chicago.

to me they are all dead even, so the next thing to do would be to go to the bench and add the next best paint player in the equation. i'll take brooklyn barely. kg and lopez can both play center and i would rotate kirilenko at the pf position slightly edging out luis scola, ed davis, and taj gibson. those lineups from the other teams can get a little small or adding a less quality player to the equation in the event of foul trouble. without noah, boozer would have a difficult time defending a bigger center, as would david west and zach randolph. but kg is versatile.

not developed enough:

detroit, utah, clippers, portland

not quite there:

san antonio, houston, new york, miami, cleveland, golden state, minnesota

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The thing with KG and Lopez

The thing with KG and Lopez is, you're not sure how it will turn out. Hibbert and West, Duncan/Splitter and to lesser extent Z-Bo/Gasol have proven records with last years play-offs: especially Hibbert/West was really impressing to me. West just has some intangibles who are very rare, hard worker, good shooter, really good defender, leader by example, someone who is just unwilling to let his team lose (same a little bit like KG, but KG is more intense than West who plays more 'under control').

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Since LeBron can be categorized as a PF, this question isn't fair. LeBron and Bosh, LeBron and Birdamn, LeBron and fill in the blank. Even LeBron and an enlarged (no pun intended), printed nude selfie of Greg Oden propped up under the rim.

Other than that, I would take Memphis with Indiana being a very close second. If I was building a team I would go with Indiana because I wouldn't want Z-Bo's black whole mentality and porous defense on my team. In terms of pure talent, Memphis.

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to me here are the best 1)

to me here are the best

1) Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph- hands down and both can average double doubles. how crazy

2) Roy Hibbert and David West- another fun pf c combination thats enjoyable to watch

3) Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer- I know I'll be hated for this one but Noah brings the defense and can hit mid range shots. Boozer not as great of a defender can average 20 and 10.

4) Brook Lopez and KG- I'm sure they will be great together. I just don't know how this is going to play out yet.

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