Whick trade do you think is better for the nuggets?

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Whick trade do you think is better for the nuggets?

I think the nuggets are stupid if they do the knicks trade!!! The nets trade is much better with the 4 first round picks and the potential of Favors. Gallo is weak, Chandler will be a FA and Feltons stock is overhyped in the Dantonis system. What do you guys think?

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I agree, 4 first round picks

I agree, 4 first round picks and Favors is alot of upside and potential for the future. Not so much upside in the future with the knicks trade. If they trade him its gonna be to the nets.

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Nets trade is better but Melo will be a Knick.

I agree they should go for the Nets trade but in the end Melo controls everything because all he has to do is just say "no I will not sign an extensin with you" and the whole trade goes down the drain. Melo wants to go to New York so unfortunately whatever the Nets try and propose Melo will not go there. He's will be a knick but I don't expect him to be a knick until the offseason.

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I wanna see Dallas rent him

I wanna see Dallas rent him and steal a championship that would be awesome.

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The deal the Nets have proposed is much better but I still think that Melo is going to sign during the off season
with the Knicks.

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