Which would you of rather have Cavs fan

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Which would you of rather have Cavs fan

So tell me Cavs fans now that the draft is done, Which pairing do you think would of been best for your team 1) Irving and Thompson pairing which you got or 2)a Williams and Knight pairing.

Personally I think the Williams and Knight pairing with your picks would of been a lot better for your team because a)Williams comes in right away and starts for your team and b)Knight backs up Bdiddy for a year or two before taking over the starting pg spot. Whereas now I feel Thompson will never be a good as Hickson and is stuck in a logjam behind him and it is also tough to justify having a #1 pick backing up Davis and if you start him right away you got a angry Davis coming of the bench (which creates bad chemisty moving forward).

So thats my 2cents...tell me what you guys think?

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You got Irving & Thompson,

deal with it. I know it hurts but you gotta move on.

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Either way

The Cavs would have a logjam at PG and PF either way. Knight is a PG in case you didn't notice and drafting him at #4 wouldn't change the fact that they would have to trade a PG (probably Baron). I don't see how drafting Irving doesn't allow for B-Diddy to mentor him for a year but drafting Knight does. Either way Baron or Sessions is on their way out of town.

The same goes for their PF position. The coaches will have D-Will playing the PF position most of the time. He isn't a SF in the NBA and wouldn't be able to guard the likes of Lebron James, Paul Pierce, Andre Iguodala, Danny Granger and so forth. He would be in a log jam behind JJ Hickson. That or they would trade JJ.

Irving > Knight, D-Will > Tristan. In one scenario you get the better PG and in the other you get the better PF either way you still aren't exactly drafting positions of need but at this point the Cavs can't get any worse.

I see the point that you are trying to make but I question your reasons supporting your claim.

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Thompson was the best

Thompson was the best defensive big man in the draft imo. Biyombo might eventually be a better defender but right now its Thompson. He shut down Derrick Williams in the ncaa tournament game and is an incredible offensive rebounder. So i dont think thompson is that bad of a pick in this draft. Also, i feel that Irving and Thompson would play better together than Knight and Williams. Knight isnt much of a playmaker at this point in his career so he would probably be more of a scorer thus limiting the overall touches for Williams. Its a close call but id be happier with Irving and Thompson because i think Irving will be a star in this league and will be a more valuable player than Williams.

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