Which victory is bigger??

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Which victory is bigger??

The Lakers beating cross town rival which they have been struggling with


The Celtics coming from a 27 point deficit to be Orlando on the road. IMO Doc Rivers is the best coach in the league. He had them fired up just before the half when they were down big, and rallied them back. I dont know why they dont put KG at the 5 and Bass starting at the 4

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Cross town? More like their

Cross town? More like their "cross hall" rivals..

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Losses like these have to

Losses like these have to make Dwight say, "THIS IS WHY I NEED TO LEAVE!" I'd say that victory was more important for the Celtics, who have up and down thus far and maybe this boosts them back start making some noise in the Atlantic Division. Give the Celtics their credit for keeping persistent and giving the Magic all types of trouble late. Plus, the stupid technicals were just the cherry on top for the complete magic choke job.

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Both were big

But it means nothing because they both can't win a chip without help. As a Lakers fan it was bigger for us because we are now 1-3 against them this year, preseason included. Mentally it helps our club more than anything. You always knew Boston had the mental toughness with the leadership of Doc and all their Vets. But for the Lakers it seemed like Mike Brown finally got the players to buy in to feeding Bynum. He grew the balls to tell KB to stop chucking and feed the beast. Pau also stepped up after going public about not getting touches, and he went toe-to-toe with Blake which is wierd because he's been outplayed by lesser pf's all year. Goudelock (rookie) emerged for us as a rotation player as opposed to Morris. So yeah, Lakers.

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I dislike Mike Brown's

I dislike Mike Brown's offensive system. It's the exact same thing as in Cleveland. Give the star player the ball (i.e. LeBron James or Kobe Bryant) and let them do what they want.

I'd say this is a bigger win for the Celtics. They were 7-9 and had they lost, it would have changed to 7-10. Not to mention, making a comeback of that proportion only strengthens your team and belief whereas the Lakers beat a team that doesn't know how to close out games yet.

If there was another choice though, I would say the most important storyline is the Magic losing the game. Dwight Howard is going to look for any reason to leave Orlando and the fact that no player was able to create their own shot on the perimeter late in the game only solidifies his decision to leave. The Magic are stocked with terrible and long contracts for players with nearly no trade value.

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The Celtics do look in better

The Celtics do look in better shape now and with their backcourt to come back they have a chance to get above .500 soon and into the play off picture. After limiting Orlando to 56 points a few nights back and now staging this comeback they have put a marker to one of their main rivals.

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The Lakers have been bleeding this season

so a win against the new boys in town was monumental.

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Like Mark Cuban said, no

Like Mark Cuban said, no statement games this year

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