Which type of game you prefer to watch?

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Which type of game you prefer to watch?

I'm curious to know what type of game you guys enjoy. The slow-paced, half court game or the rapid, back-and-forth up tempo game?

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Rapid at the beginning then

Rapid at the beginning then slow paced half court in crunch time of a very close game

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^^^ This.

^^^ This.

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Somewhere in the middle, I

Somewhere in the middle, I like a good post presence who can command attention enough to play and inside/ ouside game and to run a good half court offense when needed, but I love the break too and creative uses of full and half court presses. Most of all, though, I like good defense.

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I like it exciting up and

I like it exciting up and down, but I guess thats what ive been watching most for 10+ years so ive grown to enjoy it here in phoenix.

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Doesn't matter, as long as

Doesn't matter, as long as guys are working hard, playing hard and not taking plays off. What I do despise is when the offense is stagnant and theres one guy dribbling the ball and everyone else is just standing around. I do love when superstars go back and forth at each other just not so much on isolation plays, moreso when its in the flow of the offense.

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I personnally like high

I personnally like high scoring back and forth basketball. I will take a suns vs warriors game any day of the week I love the action. Not saying theres anything wrong with a halfcourt game but its not as entertaining. If you were to as David Stern he would say the fast paced game because the casual fan likes the up and down fast breaking type of games those types of games are rating s boosters.

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