Which trade would be best for the 76ers?

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Which trade would be best for the 76ers?

Andre Igoudala for Chris kaman or Andre Iguodala for Monta Ellis, personally, I think the 76ers should take the Monta Ellis trade.

The East and the whole league is generally getting smaller on the "Center" front. Besides the Magic.The top teams in the east don't have legit big men centers, The Knicks, Celtics, Heat, Hawks or Bulls.

Joakim Noah, is a great defender but he's still slight in size and not an offensive threat.

If they make the trade for Monta Ellis, they can have Jrue Holiday, Monta Ellis, and Evan turner starting. If they resign Thaddeus, they can have thaddeus young and lou williams coming off of the bench, Thaddeus also plays power forward. Monta Ellis would give them that consistent scorer they need, to go along with steady improving Jrue Holiday, and Evan turner can essentially do the same things Andre Igoudala does, minus he's not as good on defense. Evan Turner also came on a little bit at the end of last year.

Either trade would be good for the 76ers but I think The Monta Ellis trade would be best.

Your thoughts?

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the trade for monta clearly

the trade for monta clearly gets them a better player but a deal for kaman would involve other pieces.

so it really depends what else they get in the kaman deal.

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how about none of these deals...injury prone big or ball hog

Give me the 11th pick and Biedrins, and take back Brand or Nocioni and we may have a deal Golden State, and the Clippers better be throwing me The Wolves pick in 2012 if they really think they're getting Iguadola for Kaman...we could give two sheets about cap relief in 2012/2013...we want talent back, Ellis and Kaman don't meet that requirement, Iguadola is a winning player, ask Ellis and Kaman how it feels to be USA EXPERIENCE, multiple playoff appearances and great set of intangibles makes Iguadola a million times better than Monta and Kaman, we'd want more in return than the Warriors and Clippers expendable "All Stars"...I may be over valuing Iguadola but I'm sure the rest of the league feels the same...

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As a Warrior fan and Bay Area

As a Warrior fan and Bay Area native, i would live to get Iggy. Honestly, i think it is the best trade for both teams. I read on here earlier a really good point, Jrue can guard two's allowing Monte to guard the oppositions point guard. As much as people knock on his defensive, he is a really good defender who just gets deflated quickly. The Warriros are never in a ton of their games, i wouldnt go as far as saying he starts playing selfishly. But you can tell he gets deflated which affects his defensive. The sixers are the best fit for Monte, he is a little bit of a volume shooter, but i think he would be asked to take a lot of shots. With the quick athletic team they have already, i think this benefits them hugely. The Warriors would feature a line up of Curry 6'3 Iggy 6'6 and Wright 6'9 (another point i am stealing from this forum), with Lee and Biedris. We draft Klay out of WSU and the kid from Baylor coming off the bench, i think that is pretty solid. Nothing close to a title contender, but honestly as a warriors fan i would take a season wherer we are at least in the hunt for the 8th seed up into the last game. With that line up i think we could do that at the very least.

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I am a warriors fan, and

I am a warriors fan, and trust me, Monta Ellis is better than Chris Kaman every day of the week.

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There will be more trade

There will be more trade offers for Iguodala, he won't be moved before the draft unless the offer wows the sixers because Monta and Kaman will still be available after the draft and one player isn't an upgrade and the other will shunt the development of the young core. If it's a salary dump Brand would need to be involved, if it's to help the teams core draft picks will be involved, or a player who doesn't play in a way that doesn't maximize the talent they already have.

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