which of these teams would you choose?

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which of these teams would you choose?

Team A

G- Kyrie Irving

G- William Buford

C- Markieff Morris

F- Marcus Morris

F- Terrence Jones

Team B

G-Brandon Knight

G-Jordan Hamilton

C-Enes Kanter

F- Donatas Motiejunas

F-Kawhi Leonard

Team C

G-Jimmer Fredette

G-Alec Burks

C- Jonas Valanciunas

F- Derrick Williams

F- Tobias Harris

Team D

G-Kemba Walker

G- Josh Selby

C-Jared Sullinger

F-Jan Veseley

F-Trey Thompkins

Team E

G-Nolan Smith

G- Tyler Honeycutt

C- JaJuan Johnson

F- Perry Jones

F- Harrison Barnes

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I'd pick Team E I Like Nolan

I'd pick Team E I Like Nolan Smith as my point. Due to the fact that hes solid can hold the ball and score at time plus i like him due to keep the team as a leader. I feel Harrison and Jajuan are solid 2-way players. And Perry Jones and tyler Honeycutt are more project like guys but get them Hot on the court and points are coming. Second pick would be team A

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i composing my underrated

i composing my underrated team of

G. Dwight Hardy

G. Malcom Lee

F. Chandler Parsons

F. Chris Singleton

C. Greg Smith

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random subject, but cool

i'd probably go for A- there's just too many scoring threats on that team, + a great point guard, but B would be a great fallback, and E has some great experience

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Team B, A, then C, E and finally D.

I'm going with B. I love the PG in Knight. got some great scorers in Montie, Hamilton and Knight as well. the The combo of Kanter and Montie would be very hard to stop. And then for good measure, you got the defense and athleticism of Leonard. I love it. My second choice would be Team A, and then Team C, Team E after that, and last but not least Team D.

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Team C

So versitle every one of them bring many elements to the table. Burk can drive pass and rebound. Jimmer can shoot off of burk or just carry the team. Jonas is my sleeper in the draft from the sense that I think eventually I think he maybe the best player from the draft. Williams and Tobbias are very versitle inside outside forwards also I think that team is amazing offensively and would be fun in a up and down tempo to watch

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E is really nice but Perry

E is really nice but Perry Jones has me leaning toward Team B. Team B has guy that should all start in the NBA soon and guys that have a definite role. Team E has a lot of talent but may not reach it upside.

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Team B seems like the best

Team B seems like the best just from the looks of it. It is a fairly balanced team.

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much love on your guys

much love on your guys feedback, i took some good time to make sure all 5 of these teams were about equal

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D Kemba and Sullinger as your


Kemba and Sullinger as your anchors with Selby and Vesely running in transition. Plus Thompkins anchoring the other forward spot. That's a lot of beef.

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