Which teams give up their pick in this draft?

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Which teams give up their pick in this draft?

Been reading a lot of rumors about teams looking to trade out of the draft to acquire a veteran. Namely the Wizards who believe they're a playoff team and don't need another rookie. So my thought is which teams already have enough young pieces and just need a veteran to put them into the next tier of teams? Personally I don't think the Wiz are there yet with only Wall and Beal as young promising players. This draft may lack star power but it has a ton of depth when it comes to rotational players. Why wouldn't you want another young potential asset?

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I think most teams with

I think most teams with multiple second round picks will sell. You can really only stash so many players each year, not worth it to draft 2-3 international guys from the same class unless you really think they can contribute.

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Off the top of my head

Off the top of my head, OKC, Utah, Atlanta, and Cleveland all could potentially move on draft night.

OKC - could swap some picks with Utah, or could package late first and early second to move up in first.
Utah - could swap picks with OKC or could move up or down depending on what is available when they are on the clock. They could try to move up for Burke.
Atlanta - could package their two first rounders to move into the back end of the lottery 7-14 range
Cleveland - could package their two early second rounders for a pick between 20-25 range

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The Wiz

The wizards are crazy if they believe they are a guaranteed playoff team. They dont suck anymore, vut they are a fringe playoff team at best. Just shows you what people think about this draft.

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Washington seems most likely

Washington seems most likely to me. They have young guys at every position except center and Nerlens Noel probably won't fall to them. If I were them, I might consider trading away the pick to free up some cap space (not that the really need to) and go after a good big in free agency this summer.

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