Which team should I pick for my 2k?

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Which team should I pick for my 2k?

It's between the trailblazers and the bobcats?

I like the bobcats cause I can switch the whole team around and make it a winning team. But I hate it cause Micheal jordon owns it. lol

But I also like the Portland trailblazers as well. But Help me choose lol.


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Lolcats, its are the

Lolcats, its are the owner, so MJ is irrelevant in that situation

Plus, its always more fun and challenging to turn the worst team in the league to a contender

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Kemba is a good piece to work

Kemba is a good piece to work around. Keep him, maybe Henderson as well. Can't imagine it'll be a good first season seeing as there aren't any good free agent available and you have little to no trade value on the team. Might be worth seeing what you can get from Tyrus Thomas, he's usually got an inflated 2k value compared to real life. Good luck all the same

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I recently started with the

I recently started with the Bobcats and actually made it into a decent team (I simulated a game against the Bulls and we won lol), but I can't remember who's on the team. Kemba and Bismack both definitely stayed

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I love starting with them.

I love starting with them. Kemba and Henderson make a good young backcourt that if you train those two plus Biyombo every month, you can have a really good team within two/three years depending on how you manage salaries and the draft.

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