Which team or teams had the best draft on draft night?

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Which team or teams had the best draft on draft night?

I want to know which team or teams do you think had the best draft on draff

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To me it is the 76ers. Moe

To me it is the 76ers. Moe Harkless is my favorite prospect from this draft and I think he will be looked at in a few years as one of the up and coming SF. People will look back and wonder how he slipped to #15. Arnett Moultrie is another player that I really like. If I had a late lottery pick I would have taken him there, so getting him at #27 is a huge steal to me. In my opinion they got two lottery picks without even having a lottery pick. I don't think you can do much better than that.

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Well, Harrison Barnes fell

Well, Harrison Barnes fell into my Dubs' laps, but I liked the Ezili pick, and I love that we got Draymond Green, I really think he's going to be a solid rotation player, and then we got the token "stash a big guy that no one's ever heard about in Europe". I like our draft, if we get healthy and get a little more help up front, we might be able to be a decent team.

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Draft thoughts.

New Orleans got their man, and potentially the only superstar in the draft in Anthony Davis. At 10 they got a guy with talent and upside in Austin Rivers. Not sure how he is the best fit with Eric Gordon at the 2 but if they can share the back court then that would be big.

I like Thomas Robinson on the Kings. Great fit there. Cousins gets a good big man sidekick. They really filled a need at power forward and get a high motor guy with great size and strength.

The Kings had another good draft. The Pistons also got a great fit up front when Drummond dropped. Andre can block shots and help Greg Monroe out on the boards. They also picked up Kim English in the 2nd round. He is a guy that can shoot and score.

I was hoping the Grizzlies could have figured out a way to get him by buying a second rounder. Other than that, the contenders really did well. The Celtics got a "lotto talent" with Jared Sullinger. If his back holds up he will be effective down low with KG. Fab Melo gives them a legit shot-blocking center. He is a good insurance policy if Greg Stiemsma leaves. Kris Joseph gives them some depth at 3. The Eastern Conference's second best team just got better.

OKC did well with drafting Perry Jones. More like they got lucky. The Thunder perhaps got the steal of the draft by getting a 6'11 forward with top 5 upside. They potentially hit another home run here. Sam Presti might have another "max contract" guy on his hands if PJIII figures it out. Oklahoma City can roll out an arcade game lineup of Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Perry Jones, and Serge Ibaka. That's a lot of length, scoring, athleticism, and talent. They Thunder got better on draft night. Maybe A LOT better.

The Heat made a potentially head-scratching move. Arnett Moultrie fell to them, but they then traded the pick to the Sixers. Moultrie has size and talent, but he is more of a 4 than a 5 and they already have Bosh and Haslem at power forward along with LBJ and Battier who played heavy minutes there during the playoffs. In return the Heat got a second round pick, and drafted a center. Now they have the Sixers 1st round pick next year, in a draft that I think is underrated. Might be a more top heavy draft but I think there will still be some talent left in the 18-23 range. So the Heat saved money they can use on a free agent like Ray Allen or Steve Nash, drafted a center, and get a 1st rounder in next year's draft. They could have done worse, and now have two first round picks next year. The Heat will improve more through free agency through the draft at this point. I don't think they wanted to pay a guy to sit on the bench and learn the game. I give their draft night rating a C+ although I do think Moultrie has talent and they could have probably played him a bit at center. Even so, Ray Allen would help more than a young backup big who could barely crack the rotation. If the center from LSU turns into a real player, and if they draft a good value guy with the Sixers pick then this draft grade will go higher.

The Memphis Grizzlies took another home run swing in the draft as we usually do. Sometimes we connect, lots of times we don't, but that's why we play the game. You have to take some big swings if you want to win. The Celtics put their Big Three together, and before that traded for Rajon Rondo, a nice pg with a broke jumper (more on this later), the Heat purged payroll in order to take a shot at getting LeBron and another superstar. They took a grand slam swing, and fortunately they connected in getting LBJ and Bosh to join D Wade in South Beach, ultimately taking the title this year.

The small market Thunder took some big swings on Westbrook, Ibaka, Harden, and now Perry Jones III. PJIII might turn into the steal of the century or just the next Tim Thomas. But, it takes talent to win and they potentially get a guy who can soften the blow if they lose James Harden. I am not sure if the Cole Aldrich pick is going to pan out, and the jury is still out on Reggie Jackson, but Sam Presti has a damn high batting average and Perry Jones oozes talent. A week ago the Heat beat the Thunder in the NBA (Nothing Beats Athleticism) Finals. We saw some guys really flying up the court and playing above the rim. Westbrook had a coming out party, Durant showed some glimpses of being the next great Finals beast as a Dirk/MJ combo. LeBron put his head down and did work. Wade showed up too. I think that Bill Simmons said it best when he thought that LeBron did his best "Larry Bird Beast" impersonation, only if that Bird could fly. LeBron also played "power point guard" which is apparently a new position now, but a devastatingly effective one. Magic Johnson played that role a bit in 1992 during his all-to-brief Magic Sightings. LBJ played that baseline to baseline game with more power than we have ever seen before. So maybe you don't need a wispy 7 footer jacking jumpers.

Maybe you need an oversized point guard attacking relentlessly, getting to the line, and getting his teammates involved. I think that our management was thinking that we need a guy who can play this type or role, a smaller LeBron or a bigger Rondo. Tony Wroten has a broken jumper, but so did Rondo. LeBron has never been known as a shooter either. Then Wroten has the potential to defend all three perimeter spots. I think that the Thunder and Grizzlies are two of the teams in the future out West. They gave us a great series a year ago, but after getting upset in the first round this year people may have forgotten about Memphis. But I think we will bounce back, especially if Z Bo returns to 100% or even 90%.

The Thunder took a Durant-type clone. Sounds great, but is that what it will ultimately take to win down the road? Would a "LeBrondo" type player be better? I like Tony Wroten's upside. Of course he could be a bust but so could PJIII and a bunch of other guys in this draft. But, he could be the steal of the draft and a future star. Wroten has some great highlights and can make basketball plays. He is a potential power point guard with his 6'6 height and 6'9 wing span to go along with his impressive vertical and solid build. He could be a play maker for us on a team that lacks true play makers. He would also be our most effective shot creator on the wing if he plays a bit at the 2 guard spot. Wroten is a guy who could guard guys like Eric Gordon, Westbrook, Wade, and maybe Rose and Chris Paul. Perhaps even LeBron and Durant. I am warming up to the pick. I can see what we were thinking. If we can pick up some cheap shooters and an extra big we will be in good shape going into next year. The Thunder will be there at the top but the Spurs and Lakers are aging by the day. I think Memphis has a shot at getting a 2 seed next year. I think we have a bit more inside scoring and more wing creators than the LA Clippers. If we can get some 3 point shooters we will be set.

Yeah, New Orleans did well. But they were supposed to. But, the Kings and Pistons potentially got their ideal picks. Then I think the main contenders (Thunder, Celtics, Grizzlies, and even the Heat) did well. All four took some calculated risks that should payoff with even the slightest bit of luck. I don't think the mid-range teams did as well here. But, the jury is still out I guess.

I do kind of like what the Warriors did. They got a legit 3 man who can shoot/score in Harrison Barnes. Seems like a good kid with "star" potential (buzz?). Then they got a backup big in Festus Ezeli. Solid pick there too. Then they got a great intangibles guy in Draymond Green. He can rebound, pass, and make things happen on offense. He can also play either forward spot. They have a nice lineup now with Curry, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, David Lee, and Andrew Bogut with Brandon Rush, Draymond Green, Biedrins, and Ezeli off the bench. If those shots are falling then I think the Warriors could beat any team on any given night. Harrison Barnes gives that team pedigree and a marketable commodity with Draymond Green giving them intangibles, leadership, and a winning attitude.

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