Which team increases their Win total the most?

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Which team increases their Win total the most?

A LOT of offseason moves have been made. My question is this: Which 3 teams do you think improve their record most significantly and by how many games?

1. Cleveland Cavaliers (55-27) + 22

2. Milwaukee Bucks (28-54) + 13

3. Utah Jazz (34-48) + 9

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Cavs are easily at the top of

Cavs are easily at the top of the list, but the 2nd looks much harder to place. I think Detroit with Van Gundy running the show has a good chance to improve on the 29-53disaster last year. I think the Pelicans end up in 3rd place in this game though with a solid jump. Adding Asik cost them a future 1st rounder, but the team is VERY solid now and will only get better. If the Pelicans stay healthy they will be in the playoffs next year.

1. Cavs 54-27 +21

2. Pistons 41-41 + 12

3. Pelicans 45-37 +11

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I agree

I agree, my Bucks really have no where to go but up, and have a ton of young talent on their roster. I think they could possibly get 30-35 wins if they can snag Bledsoe from the Suns (without giving away too much). The Cavs are an obvious choice with King James signing there, and I definitley agree on the Pelicans. They were injury-plagged last year and The Brow is one of the best young players in the game.

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All of these definitely are

All of these definitely are realistic and possible. Cleveland will no doubt improve my a huge margin and Milwaukee, as zcnumerouno said, have no where to go but up. Utah and New Orleans may have trouble increasing their win totals by that much due solely to the fact that they play in the Western Conference. It's just so tough there.

The Pelicans are such an interesting case. If they're in the Eastern Conference, they would be a playoff lock essentially. Hopefully Monty Williams can keep Jrue, Gordon, and Tyreke from jacking up too many shots and run the offense through/around Anthony Davis. At the same time, if this team is healthy and properly coached (this should be Anthony Davis's team, offensively and defensively) they should be in contention for a playoff spot. And if they get in, anything can happen in the West.

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I think the hornets will do

I think the hornets will do well this year. I bet they surprise a lot of people this. they really started looking good at the end of the season minus the playoffs.

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Cavs, Pelicans/Nuggets

Cavs and Pelicans/Nuggets are likely to make the biggest increases.

Cavs have potential to go from 33 W to 58W

Pelicans 34 W to 50W

Nuggets 36 W to 50W

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