Which team have a shot at winning 50 Games? Which player(s) have a shot at 2000 points this season?

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Which team have a shot at winning 50 Games? Which player(s) have a shot at 2000 points this season?

The individual(s) who can pull that of this season will have to average over 30.4 ppg in 66 games.

The only two guys that have a chance are Lebron and Durant. Lebron cares about his stats, plus his game looks like it got a post game now. Durant have the tools to average over 30 ppg its just shot selection with this guy.

Teams that will have a chance at 50 games Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder.

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I do not think either of them will do it

I have a feeling no one cracks the 30 ppg barrier. Durant and Bron may be closest, but in this condensed season, with both of them on solid squads with other scoring options, I bet they are in the 26-28 range much like last season. I think that Miami will be the only team to crack 50.

Winning 50 games would be the equivalent of winning 62 games, or having a .756 winning percentage. The Bulls were the only team to reach that mark last year, think the Heat match or top it this season, but am doubtful anyone else will.

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The Heat and OKC are candidates. I also believe that LeBron will be up close to 2000, as with Durant. Kobe is looking to score a lot as well, so he has a chance.

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heat check time

i think miami has the best shot at winning 50 games. sure, they do have some flaws that stick out (zone defenses for example), but remember they started the season slow last year but went on runs where they won 15 straight. with the season down to 66 games, a 15 win streak already knocked out about 25% of season games. if u also give credit to them for playing a full year together and what seems that lebron has tweaked his jumper, cracking 50 should be no problem for miami. the only way they wouldnt crack it is if one of the big 3 are injured.

final projection = 49-54 games won (around that margain)

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