which team do you think has the better future?

PG kyrie irving
SG dion waiters
SF omri casspi
PF tristan thompson
C tyler zeller/ anderson varejao


PG kyrie
SG free agent/ daniel gibson
SF perry jones III/ omri casspi
PF thomas robinson
C jonas valaciunas

the second team is how the cavs could look like ...

personally, i prefer the secon team, as i think it has more upside (valaciunas instead of robinson,
robinson instead of thompson ...)!

what do you think?

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sry, ment valaciunas instead

sry, ment valaciunas instead of zeller ;)

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I'm not sure about the other

I'm not sure about the other players to fill out the squad, but the Cavs should have had Irving, Barnes and Valanciunas as their core if they had done their jobs right. That's the best combination of players available since the Lebron rebuild in my opinion.

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