Which rookie do you think will average more than 10 points per game next year?

Which rookie do you think will average more than 10 points per game next year?

Which rookie do you think will average more than 10 points per game next year? Tell us what you think.

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Kyrie and Tristan Thompson

Kyrie and Tristan Thompson just because I think they'll both start, Derrick Williams should do it too. Kemba and jimmer I'd say are safe bets as well. Averaging 10ppg isn't that tough but it depends on who gets opportunities... You could say Klay Thompson, Alec burks, or even marshon Brooks but who knows how many minutes they'll get.

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Harrison Barnes, Myck

Harrison Barnes, Myck Kabongo, Anthony Davis, Jarred Sullinger, Quincy Miller, Tony Wroten.

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He said next year

He said next year OhCanada....

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If there is a season......

Kyrie Irving: Definitely think that Cleveland hands him the ropes pretty early on, they will figure out a way to get him on the court. Yes, they have Davis and Sessions, but Irving is the future and he should definitely rack up double digits as a rook.

Derrick Williams: Sure, they have Beasley, but he and Williams will not co-exist for to long, and I think they ship Beasley out. He is in the last year of his initial rookie contract, and Williams is far more athletic, not to mention you have to like his mentality quite a bit more than B-Easy. Would be very surprised if Williams averages less than 10.

Kemba Walker: Think that he ends up getting a lot of minutes, and more than likely replaces DJ Augustin as the Bobcats starting PG. I have a feeling they will try to ship Augustin out and give Kemba the reins to score points from a team that is sorely lacking options. If Kemba does not average over 10 ppg his rookie year, than I have little idea why the Bobcats chose him.

Jimmer Fredette: The guy was chosen to score. Anyone who drafted him expected at the very least Jimmer to be jacking up shots from long distance and trying to capitalize on his offensive breakdown ability. Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thornton seem to be two big scorers in their backcourt, but I have little doubt that Jimmer gets his time to shine, even if it is initially in a bench role. I think what is likely to happen is that Reke and Jimmer start while Thornton provides a scoring kick off of the bench. Either way, I believe Jimmer gets minutes, and he uses them to average double figures.

Last year, 4 guys averaged over 10 ppg as rookies, and I think these 4 are likely to do it as well. I think Kanter definitely is a player who could put up over 10 ppg, but he will probably see pretty limited minutes. Tristan Thompson and Jan Vesely seem to be guys who will eventually take large roles on their team, but will be brought along slowly. Klay Thompson seems like a major sleeper as far as putting up points immediately, but it really depends on what happens with the Monta Ellis situation. I know a lot of people will probably be pointing to MarShon Brooks, but I think the Nets actually have a log jam at his position, and I am not so sure that MarShon gets enough minutes for double figs. For those that want to know the 4 guys from last year, they were Blake Griffin (technically a rookie), John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Jordan Crawford. Landry Fields, Greg Monroew and Wesley Johnson were all within a point or less of doing so, but we of course were talking about averaging 10 or over, not close to 10 or over.

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MikeyV I agree 100% and I

MikeyV I agree 100% and I actually was going to say those 4 myself. I think Knight, T.Thompson, K.Thompson, Kanter, and Brooks will get around 8ppg. Then the next tier would be Burks, Vesely, Harris at around 6ppg

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I think we all know the answer to this question:

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why is jimmer putting the

why is jimmer putting the ball through his legs?

And to answer your question, Kemba

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Kyrie Irving, Jimmer

Kyrie Irving, Jimmer Fredette, Derrick Williams, Kemba Walker, and Alec Burks has an outside shot.

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10 points as a rookie is nice but

It's not special.

Which rookies will average more than 15 points per game next season?

Jimmer, Kyrie, and Derrick only.

Kemba will get the playing time and average over 10 but not 15.

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