Which prospects will only play 30 games aT the most

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Which prospects will only play 30 games aT the most

Reggie Hamliton-way too small

Dominic Cheek- should've stayed in school

Ashton Gibbs- combo guard?

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A lot of the guys you

A lot of the guys you mentioned won't even get drafted.

Personally, my bust is J'Covan Brown. An undersized chucker without PG skills just doesn't do it for me. Should've stayed in collge with Kabongo and Co.

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Are we talking strictly next year or career?

Based on a just next year- I'm going with Darius Johnson-Odom. I might take some heat for saying that, but he's a 6'2" shooting guard. He's not a point He will be on the bench IMO. He may have had good physical tests in the combine, but there are many NBA SGs out there that are as quick as him and he will have a hard time getting his shot off comfortably. If he succeeds more than 30 games- I doubt it will be his first year in the league.

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Less than 30 games next year

Anyone drafted by Philly. Doug Collins HATES rookies. Even their first rounder will struggle to get minutes on this playoff team.

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J'Covan Brown reminds me of a

J'Covan Brown reminds me of a doughy John Lucas III, his scoring is really really good, but he doesn't fit the mold athletically or from a point guard standpoint. He'll need to restructure his game, IMO, but if he does, I think he J'Covan can be a solid 3rd point guard who can put up points in a hurry.

I have my doubts on whether he'll get drafted.

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