Which players ended up with ideal teams / fit / situations?

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Which players ended up with ideal teams / fit / situations?

So, the NBA draft is complete. Which players ended up with teams/systems that totally suit their skillsets?
Which players will have the most opportunity to shine?

I think Shabazz fell into the ideal situation. He would've been doomed if he fell into a situation where he was expected to create offense. But in Minnesota he can just finish/score whatever plays Rubio sets up. Shabazz will be more effective as a spot-up shooter and finisher.

I don't know what to think about McCollum and MCW's situation.

Oladipo is in his ideal situation imo. As is Trey Burke (so long as Mo Williams leaves). Olynyk is in a pretty good situation. As is Cody Zeller and Otto Porter. Karasev seems to be in a good situation at first glance, as does Allen Crabbe.

What about these 2nd round guys? Seems to be a lot of potential sleepers in the 2nd round this year. How do you think players like Tony Mitchell, Nate Wolters, Isaiah Canaan, Mike Muscala, Glen Rice Jr, Jeff Withey, Jamaal Franklin, Pierre Jackson, Erick Green, James Ennis, Arsalen Kazemi and Ricky Ledo will go in their new teams?
Interested to hear all your perspectives.

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Orlando made a big mistake

Orlando made a big mistake they should have drafted Nerlens Noel.

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Definitely Trey Burke man.

Definitely Trey Burke man. The jazz don't have any other point guard except for mo williams but he is expected to leave them. Burke will be thrust into the starting lineup from day one and he will be playing alongside two young, huge bigmen. I can see the pick and roll of burke and favors or kanter working wonders for the jazz.

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Agree, Burke to Utah is a

Agree, Burke to Utah is a great fit. They've got a potential starting 5 entirely on rookie contracts. Burke-Burks-Hayward-Kanter-Favors.
That would be a great league pass team. Plus they've got the freaky looking Gobert off the bench if he decides to come.
If Utah decides to play their young guys I predict another lottery pick in next years draft. They've got a bright future and I hope they run the team through Burke.

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Mason Plumlee

Mason Plumlee

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Shane Larkin. He gets to go

Shane Larkin. He gets to go play for a owner who loves to win and give guys chances. Also getting to run the pick and pop with Dirk is going to make your job a little easier. I thought that was a great place for him to go, and instantly thought of a Barea type chemistry with Dirk.

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I agree with Burke and 'Bazz.

I agree with Burke and 'Bazz. That trade actually benefited both sides equally and those two seem like they have ideal situations set up for their rookie seasons.

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Janis Timma. Getting drafted

Janis Timma. Getting drafted by any team would've been ideal for him...

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To go with the Utah-Minny

To go with the Utah-Minny trade, I really like Dieng as Minnesota's backup center. He fills what Love and Pek lack in a shotblocking presence. I also like him finishing with some nice buckets around the rim that Rubio will dump off to him.

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Completely agree with Shabazz

Completely agree with Shabazz and Burke, a few more guys:

Washington - Otto Porter, I've had Porter to the Wizards in my mock since December. Perfect fit, a jack of all trades that should really complement the firepower of Wall and Beal.

Charlotte - Cody Zeller, a 7 footer with a high level of offensive skill and solid athleticism. The perfect complement for Bismack Biyombo who is long rebounder with defensive potential who is raw offensively.

San Antonio - Livio Jean-Charles, a nice prospect who is a bit of a SF-PF tweener. SA has a great track record of grooming and creating a niche for tweeners and they are good enough to not rush LJC. They could stash him in Europe for a couple more years if they want to.

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Zeller, Larkin, Muscala, Kazemi?

What do ya'll think about the fit/situation that Cody Zeller, Shane Larkin, Mike Muscala, and Kazemi find themselves in, more specifically?

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Jeff Withey - I think he will

Jeff Withey - I think he will get good mins for portland.

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depending what Utah does in free agency, he might actually get playing time, could lead all rookies in blocks and rebounds,
he is not ready, and needs years to develop, but if the jazz do not use their cap space he could make all rookie team. but is definitely a reach

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