Which player will have the better NBA career?H. Barnes or J. Lamb?Why?

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Which player will have the better NBA career?H. Barnes or J. Lamb?Why?

I'm sorry my English is not very good and I saw this vote on this site.
Which player will have the better NBA career?

H. Barnes 64.5%
J. Lamb 35.5%

Total votes: 1098

So I want share this topic.

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Can't really go off of

Can't really go off of regular peoples opinions in polls. Harrison Barnes is the bigger name and he would probably win against anybody. Not saying he is better than Lamb, but he has a bigger audience and the general population will think he is better no matter what. Having said that they play two different positions and I think any team would love to have either one. Barnes just has the winning attitute and will be a very solid player. Lamb looks like he has a better upside, but I would take either one.

Your english is great btw

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I would say

Harrison Barnes... While I like Lambs smooth, controlled offensive game, Barnes has the size and natural feel for the game that will in time translate to the next level. They both should be solid pros though...

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Barnes will be a better pro...

Lamb has gotten off to a great start and that will Rise his Draft Stock to that of a top 10 pick but Harrison Barnes has been waited on by a lot of NBA GM's...I think Barnes will always have more opportunities to succeed, I think Lamb will have a good career as a scoring Guard but Barnes will have a longer/larger effect on the team he's drafted by...

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Both are great, but I see

Both are great, but I see Barnes as the more complete player, so although Lamb has the potential to score 25 a game, Barnes has the potential to get 20-5-5.

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harrison is the more complete

harrison is the more complete player, and he's the type of guy that constantly strives to get better. jeremy is great but i really think barnes could be special

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jeremy lamb can be a straight

jeremy lamb can be a straight up stud on trhe next level hit motor is real high he is the better scorer and playmaker and he can get his own shot and his ablity to defend and play passing lanes is real good, barnes on the other hand is the bigger name but has to me the smallest upside out of the players in the lottery i believe he will be a solid role player but never a number one option hes pretty good at alot not great at anything all you hear is hes a pretty good at this or good at that and hes an ok athelete, also think about this what was barnes doing before kendall marshall came along, and if it wasnt for lambs clutch plays on both offense and defense butler could be the national champs not taking anything away from kemba but the big east and ncca tourney was lambs comming out party

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