Which pg will come off the board first?

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Which pg will come off the board first?

This years PG draft class is rather weak in terms of star talent...I think Kendall Marshall, Damian Lillard, Marquis Teague, and Maalik Wayns(my wild card pick) are the best PG's in this class IMO. If I was a GM i would take Damian Lillard as the first PG on my list, the guy has Very Good athleticism and can flat out score the ball. Reminds me of a CJ Watson type player, but with better Athleticism and IQ. Who do you guys think will be the the PG who gets picked first in this year's draft?

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I'm going to say It'll be Teague or Tony Wroten Jr.

Lilliard and Marshall have limited upside, I think Teams will fall in love with Teague and Wroten's potential, they are both tweeners(although I hate that term) and they'll both need time to develop but they have the most upside at PG...

I think Wayns and Marshall are the 4th and 5th Pgs taken...Marshall didn't help his stock by breaking his wrist, Wayns has been hidden at Villanova and could come in and suprise a lot of folks...

Marshall as the least upside because of his speed and athletism...Although he is the best passer out of the bunch...

Lilliard could be another case of small school star turned NBA role player, but I'm not willing to take that risk in The Lottery and drafting a Role Player...

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I have him as a combo guard, but this is a weak PG class. Rivers is more of a SG, his ability to run the point because of his ball handling abilites makes him more valuable to teams. Some teams will play him at PG, some will leave him at SG.

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Teague of course, potential

Teague of course, potential potential potential (Dick Vitale voice)

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I consider Rivers a true Sg at heart

And Rivers will have to battle out Beal, Lamb and Ross to be the Best Sg in The 2012 Draft ...

I cant see Rivers playing for anyone but the Celtics, they will amke a move to get this Kid next to Rondo and his father in Boston...I won't tell you why I think this a mortal lock, because none of you would believe me...

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With Portland, New Orleans &

With Portland, New Orleans & Utah all currently having 2 Lottery selections I don't think that they let TWJr bypass them and he will most likely be the 1st pg drafted based on his vast potential.

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I honestly believe after measurements and individual workouts happen Wroten will be the first off the board because of his size and potential.

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I can see Kendall Marshall

I can see Kendall Marshall being the first point guard off the board. I think Utah looks at a pass-first point guard. The Trailblazers might have two lottery picks so I see them going with a wing or a big man with the higher pick and then with a guard with the lower pick. There is a good shot they look at a point guard and Kendall Marshall could be the guy and he could split time with Raymond Felton (another UNC guy).

Marshall seems like a good floor-leader and a guy who can start for 30-32 minutes a night as a floor general and pass-first guy with a instant offense, aggressive point guard off the bench.

He might not have as much upside as some other guys but I think the Jazz are more oriented towards their bigs (Jefferson, Milsap, Favors, Kanter) and their wings (Hayward and Alec Burks).

Lillard might be the guy that falls, goes to the right team and has a great rookie campaign. It's not that he is a bad player or that scouts didn't do there homework, it's that the teams who passed on him wouldn't be a good fit anyway.

This is a draft where a rookie's success is going to depend on the fit. What's a player's role? How many shots/minutes is he going to fit? Will this guy thrive in the team's offense and defense?

This will effect Anthony Davis too. If he goes to the Kings he could really thrive next to Cousins and give them a winning attitute with the Kings making a run at the playoffs. If he goes to the Bobcats he might struggle more to find his role since the Bobcats might have to run more offense through AD.

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this picking for potential

this picking for potential worries me, because these guys are awfully young and by the time they mature off the court, usually the learning curve will have been collapsed or they will have some label or stigma attached to them while being switched from team to team.

I would go by the background as much as I possibly could and pick me a guy who I know wont have a big head or will be able to keep things in perspective. that being said, for me Marshall and Lilliard are the safer picks with Teague being the best as far as potential. I like Wroten, but he is really high risk, especially depending on what team he goes to.

I have to go with Teague.

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Teague His stock has already


His stock has already shot up from all his numbers increasing,while his turnover number went down.

He won the ship so his stock boosted more from that.

When he goes to workouts and the combine it's going to go up even more.

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I can't believe people still

I can't believe people still think Rivers is a point guard!

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