Which one of these players drafted top 10 in the 2010 NBA Draft...

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Which one of these players drafted top 10 in the 2010 NBA Draft...

Has disappointed you the most and why? Also, what adjustments could the player make to improve their game? You are not limited to the list given below. I excluded players like John Wall (1), Evan Turner (2), Demarcus (5), etc. because I believe they have proven some worth as players.

Wesley Johnson (4)

Ekpe Udoh (6)

Al-Farouq Aminu (8)

Gordon Hayward (9)

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Take gordan off this list bro

Take gordan off this list bro I think he a very well rounded player still developing as a player

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has been a dissapoinment to say the least but i cant say im surprised coming out of wake forest he was super raw and still is maybe he will turn it around but i doubt it

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Udoh, I knew he wouldn't come

Udoh, I knew he wouldn't come in and tear it up right away, but I expected him to be a steadier contributer. He's starting to look like he'll be a skinnier Adonal Foyle type player, and I thought he would be further along on offense by now. I thought #6 was too high for him, but I figured he'd be a 10 ppg 6 rpg 2 bpg player, in all honesty.

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Wes Johnson, still doesnt

Wes Johnson, still doesnt have the ability 2 create off the dribble or even a 2 dribble pull up game. At the least he should be a lockdown defender with his height, length, and athleticism. Very disappointing imo.

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Wes has the tools to be a

Wes has the tools to be a fine player at the 2 or 3. He is just so hesitant about going to the rim unless he has a clear path on an alleyoop. He needs to be a slasher type as opposed to preferring to sit out on the corner and wait to shoot a 3. If he would learn how to run the floor from a guy like Rip Hamilton it would do wonders for his career. He needs to use that God given athleticism to his advantage while he still has it.

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hayward shouldn't be on that

hayward shouldn't be on that list

ekpe and wes are a tie, for the simple fact these guys havent even shown flashes of what they where predicted to be....

i havent seen much of aminu, but i do remember analyst saying he was 2-3 years away from being highly productive player.......

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He will be the worst of player on the list ahead of Johnson and Amiu, but barring injury, he will still be in the league for 8+ years contributing very little.

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Wesley...would have expected

Wesley...would have expected him to at least be serviceable off the bench by now, worst case. He hasn't found his role in the league, and at 24 years old, that window is going to close pretty fast. At this pace, I doubt they would extend his rookie contract, at which point, he might be bound for the D-League.

Al-Aminu is only 21 years old, so the window is still open, but he's gotta at least show some promise with the playing time he's getting in New Orleans.

Can't say I expected quite as much out of Udoh or Hayward, but Udoh has shown flashes of being a decent defender, and Hayward is already playing an important role on a potential playoff team as we speak and should continue to improve, despite being drafted behing all the other players mentioned.

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Ekepe and Wes

Ekepe Udoh simply because he was raved as the second best big man coming out because of his defensive abilities. So far he barely gets 20mins a game but he does block shots. I'd like to see him rebound at a higher rate

Wes Johnson has all the tools and all the opportunity. The TWolves have been giving him ample play time since day 1 and he's continued to be a pain to him asap so far he's a bust with few signs of improvement

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Wes Johnson for sure. He is

Wes Johnson for sure. He is now afriad to shoot and when he does shoot he shoots 3's he shoots them at a 24% rate. He doesnt attack the rim and takes only .5 free throws a game. Pretty much on offense he has become useless. He is a pretty solid defender and thats about it.

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I don't think we should be

I don't think we should be disapointed at all. All the players listed above where just part of one of the weakest draft ever. Realistically Greg Monroe was the best pick in the draft. Of course you can always say cousins even Wall but Monroe was the most ideal pick and will probaly have the best future. Most of the players in the 2010 draft were all if not most role players. The NBA needs role players. We just have to let all the players play there role and hopefully there GM will add the puzzle peices that they need.

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gordon hayward

I was never a huge fan as an NBA prospect and I see it kind of funny that everyone is getting so bubbly over him right now. I only catch Jazz games if I'm awake and their on national TV and Hayward doesn't make too many highlight reel plays so I cant really make a full judgement on him, but wouldn't everyone rather have Paul George?

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I would have to say Wes

I would have to say Wes Johnson, he was picked ahead of Cousins because he was supposedly an elite offensive perimeter player. He has been aweful this year, one of the worst players in the league. Udoh and Aminu, to me, were both question marks from day 1, and Hayward has been decent and met/exceeded my expecations.

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I actually think Evan Turner

I actually think Evan Turner is the biggest disappointment of them all. When you are drafted #2 overall you are supposed to be a potentiall superstar, a game changer, a perrenial all-star. I don't see any of that in Turner's game. You could say he's still developping, but the thing about Turner going #2, was that he was supposed to be the most ready player in the draft. He has a great college game with an all around skill set, but he'll never been Brandon Roy, the guy most often compared to. And to top it all off, he's backing up Jodie Meeks, who if I remember correctly, was one of the last picks of the draft a couple years ago. To me, that's the epitome of disappointment

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@ MJBrown, You obviously have

@ MJBrown,

You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

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