Which one of "my boys" will be more successful?

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Which one of "my boys" will be more successful?

I'm a massive fan of Danny Granger, Eric Gordon and Stephen Curry I was wondering who you think will have the most successful career?

I hope it goes

1. Eric Gordon
2. Danny Granger
3. Stephen Curry but,

it will probably go

1. Curry
2. Gordon
3. Granger

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I agree. Curry's def a future

I agree. Curry's def a future all-star, and I just don't see Granger really making guys around him better (granted, he's never played with real talent around him). I've always loved Air Gordon too, since that time he dominated in that high school game on ESPN. He's a very underrated defender; uses his low center of gravity, strength, quickness and athleticism to really frustrate opponents, AND he's a scorer above all else. The Clips have a high pick and a ton of cap room, so he could be in the limelight soon enough.

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granger is the most underated player in the leauge

yes curry will be an all star but granger already is and will continue to be one i love grangers game and liek u said hes not had alot to work wiht as for gordon very explosive scorer solid d and yes wiht a high pick griffin coming in kaman continuing to improve maybe but emphazise the maybe it is the clips they finally win sum this year

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negro please

no part of gordons game will ever be as good as grangers.

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my boys

2 redick

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roflllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll @ the people who chose anyone over granger

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