Which NCAA player is better?

Alec Burks or Jordan Hamilton

Harrison Barnes or Terrance Jones

Jared Sullinger or Derrick Williams

Marcus Morris or his twin brother, Markeiff

Jimmer Freddette or Kemba Walker

Brandon Knight or Josh Selby

Tyler Honeycutt or Chris Singleton

Trey Thompkins or JaJuan Johnson

Tobias Harris or Kyle Singler

Kenneth Faried or Jon Leuer

Marshon Brooks or Klay Thompson

Mason Plumlee or his brother, Miles

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In the NBA or NCAA?

Need to clarify, otherwise it only makes sense to you, the person that posted without thinking it through. You say NCAA, but this is a draft site so you could mean as a prospect. Even so.....

Alec Burks or Jordan Hamilton

NCAA: Burks

NBA: Hamilton

Harrison Barnes or Terrance Jones

NCAA: Terrence Jones

NBA: Still rolling with Harrison Barnes

Jared Sullinger or Derrick Williams

NCAA: Close, but I give the edge to Sullinger due to his team's success and to the fact that in a match-up between the two, Sullinger would more than likely be unstoppable. Williams efficiency this year has been second to none though. Both 1st Team All-Americans in my mind.

NBA: Sullinger

Marcus Morris or his twin brother, Markeiff

NCAA: Marcus

NBA: I like Marcus, Markieff might be the better rebounder and defender, maybe even athlete, but I think Marcus' skill set gets him further, much like other twins who have played in the NBA

Jimmer Freddette or Kemba Walker

NCAA: Jimmer ended up having the much better season.

NBA: I like Jimmer here as well. Walker might be interesting to follow, but I think Jimmer is much more ready to contribute immediately.

Brandon Knight or Josh Selby

NCAA: Knight by a landslide

NBA: I really liked Selby over Knight here, but I think Knight might be the better PG. Selby is a fantastic athlete and really explosive, but I think Knight has fantastic size and I like his mental approach. I would give the edge to Knight right now.

Tyler Honeycutt or Chris Singleton

NCAA: Singleton

NBA: Honeycutt. They are very different players, but I like Honeycutt's prospects as an NBA player more than Singleton's. They are both in the same general vicinity as draft prospects though.

Trey Thompkins or JaJuan Johnson

NCAA: Johnson by a landslide

NBA: Thompkins. Johnson has had a fantastic year, but Trey has that much more weight on him to play in the post.

Tobias Harris or Kyle Singler

NCAA: Kyle by a landslide.

NBA: Close again, though I do like Harris as a potential steal if he enters. I still have a lot of faith in Kyle though. This was the same guy who beasted on Gordon Heyward last year on his way to NCAA Final Four MOP. His percentages leave a lot to be desired, but he has a lot of game and is incredibly versatile.

Kenneth Faried or Jon Leuer

NCAA: Leuer was fantastic for Wisconsin, but I give the edge to Farried and his insane rebounding/defense

NBA: Like Faried here as well, just think he is relentless and will find a way to be a very nice role player that any winning team would want.

Marshon Brooks or Klay Thompson

NCAA: I am a Pac-10 guy, and am high on Klay. But 25 ppg, even for a bottom Big East team, is way more commendable in my mind than even the excellence achieved by Klay this year.

NBA: Klay Thompson. He has size and strength which I think will translate too him being a better NBA SG than Marshon.

Mason Plumlee or his brother, Miles

NCAA: Mason, please.

NBA: Mason, by a landslide again. I do not know if Miles makes the NBA, but Mason will more than likely be a first round pick whenever he enters. He is much more athletic and the flat out better player of the two.

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I mean as a prospect for the

I mean as a prospect for the NBA, sorry for not clarifying earlier

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I actually don't think Mason

I actually don't think Mason is that much more athletic than Miles. Miles is a ridiculous athlete in his own right, but I think Mason is much longer and a better finisher overall.

I'm not sure if it's the skill set that is lacking in the two, confidence, or maybe both. It seems like either one could have a big game or could not show up at all on any given night.

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Alec Burks or Jordan Hamilton

Alec Burks or Jordan Hamilton = edge ( Hamilton) - he's a better shooter, bigger and is more ready to come in and play minutes.

Harrison Barnes or Terrance Jones = edge ( push ) I think both of these guys will be successful in the next level. I think Terrance Jones is a little more NBA ready, but I think both will be big scorers and occasional all-stars.

Jared Sullinger or Derrick Williams = ( Williams ) Athletically I think Williams will be able to be a better defender at an NBA level and I think Sullinger will be a good NBA player too, but Williams has equal size ( although not the strength) more refinded skills and better defensive potential and the ability to play 2 positions.

Marcus Morris or his twin brother, Markeiff = (Marcus) I don't think Marcus will be on another level than Markeiff ( who I think will also be good), but his knocks are his ball handling and lack of NBA 3 point range ( although good at the college 3) and watching the twins for 3 years and how they've improved theres little doubt in my mind he'll address those weaknesses during the summer. They get a rap for being dirty players throwing elbows and whatnot, but don't confuse that with character knocks, they're both gym rats and extremely hard workers in the off season. Their increased athletic ability and improvement year to year is all the proof you need.

Jimmer Freddette or Kemba Walker = (Walker) I'm not sold on Jimmer as a point guard yet, he can play some minutes at the 2, but Kemba has better passing ability and is a more solid defender. I don't have high hopes for either player and really I think they'll both be 2nd string points in the league who can drop 10 ppg off the bench, but I think Kemba will be a little better.

Brandon Knight or Josh Selby = (Knight) I've seen a lot of Selby and remain unimpressed. He's a true combo guard and he gets visibly frustrated when his shots off ( more often than not lately) Selby is great in the open court, but he's no where close to being ready to play at the next level. I feel Brandon Knight isn't the truest point guard either, but he's having the season everyone thought Selby would have, he's just a better version of Selby at this point in their careers.

I gotta go catch some Big 12 Tourney action so I can't finish, but thats what I got

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Hamilton TJ by a very little


TJ by a very little but Harrison is rising in my eyes




Knight- like Joe said better version of Selby and also like 1yr9months younger.

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I'm going by right now, instead of as prospects.

Alec Burks or Jordan Hamilton- I like Burks better. Burks isn't the shooter Hamilton is, but he's a better athlete, ball-handler, and he's more unselfish as an overall player. Hamilton has better size too, but Burks seems to have better length.

Harrison Barnes or Terrance Jones- Give me Barnes. Jones is more aggressive, but not as efficient or the winning player Barnes is. Jones doesn't do any one thing better than Barnes except play the post offensively. I'm not big on Jones. He's too selfish for my liking.

Jared Sullinger or Derrick Williams- Sullinger by a hair. He's dominant down low. WIlliams is dominant in his own ways, but I like Sullinger as the better colligiate.

Marcus Morris or his twin brother, Markeiff- Marcus by a good bit. He does everything Markieff does except better for the most part. He's shorter and not quite as good a rebounder and defender as Markieff, but it's by a super close margin.

Jimmer Freddette or Kemba Walker- Freddette. Both can score, but Fredette is more of a winning player. Walker scores because UConn has a lack of scorers, and he's not all that efficient about it either. Fredette is efficient, faces junk D ALL THE TIME and produces at an insane level, and is every bit the PG Walker is. He's not as athletic as Walker, but he's better to me.

Brandon Knight or Josh Selby- EASILY Knight. Both are combo guards, but Knight is better than Selby right now. Selby seems to need the ball too much for a guy who isn't all that polished or a true PG.

Tyler Honeycutt or Chris Singleton- Singleton. It's pretty close though. Singleton can shoot it about as good as Honeycutt, and rebound it, but he's far and away a better defender. He's also tougher.

Trey Thompkins or JaJuan Johnson- Give me Johnson, as much as I love Trey. Thompkins lacks some toughness, even with his very nice offensive skills. Johnson is a better defender, actually more efficient low post scorer, and a better rebounder.

Tobias Harris or Kyle Singler- Singler has been pretty bad this year, but I can't overlook his body of work over his career. He's a better player than Harris is to me. Harris is a decent talent and a guy who plays more like a Jr. or Sr than the Fr he is, but Singler is a better COLLEGE player.

Kenneth Faried or Jon Leuer- I haven't seen Faried play much at all, only one time. Leuer is a guy I've seen a bunch over the last 2 years. He's a GREAT shooter when his feet are set, and a decent low post guy to at this level. He's not going to be more than a Matt Bonner-type in the NBA though. Faried seems to have some hustle about him though, and will always be around the ball when he's on the floor, despite a limited skill set.

Marshon Brooks or Klay Thompson- Marshon Brooks isn't that good. He is a decent player on a bad team who gets to dominate the ball more than he should because of it. Thompson is a better player to me in college, and also a better NBA prospect IMO too.

Mason Plumlee or his brother, Miles- Mason is better. Neither is all that great, but Mason has everything Miles has except he's not quite as tough. I'd like to see Mason get better skills though, he's quite unrefined offensively, although he'll show flashes here and there. I think strength and a better level of physical strength would help him.

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