which NBA players can you see playing the NFL today?

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which NBA players can you see playing the NFL today?

My List:

Lebron James: 6"8-260 - TE/WR- Too quick as a tight end, too strong and tall as a WR.

Dwayne Wade-6'4-220- QB/Safety- awesome arm as evidenced by the frequent home run passes to teammates. extremely physical with contact, and wouldnt be afraid to put a lick on receivers.

Deron Williams- 6'3-210- QB- Ideal size and intelligence for a QB. would make a good leader.

Russell Westbrook- 6"3- 190-CB- would be an ideal shutdown corner. would harass receivers the same way he harassed opposing PG's in the olympics. great speed and leaping ability.

Glen Davis-6"9-290- DE- would be a quick pass rusher, and tall enough to bother QB's vision and bat down thrown passes.

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the best atlhetes

dwight howard: middle linebacker?

andre igoudala: cornerback

john wall: running back

josh smith: safety

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deon waiters: 6'4 Running Back

ivan johnson: 6'8 Defensive End

Big Baby

eddie curry: 6'11 350+ Nose Tackle. run stuffer.

Gustavo Ayon: 6'10 Right Tackle

Derrick Rose: Free Safety

Terrence Ross: WR

Ty Lawson: Zone Corner/Nickle

Isiah Thomas: Scat Back/Slot WR

LeBron: WR

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Kevin Love would be a great

Kevin Love would be a great quarterback. One of, if not the best outlet passers in the NBA. Very cerebral player and great skill level.

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cmon now

this thread was on this forum like 10 times

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Have you guys forgotten about

Have you guys forgotten about our very own Nate Robinson? He was a beast in highschool at American Football and even played college football. He was a helluv an athlete. I think that you guys underestimate a nfl athlete's athleticism. Those guys are really exceptional and you can only match a few nba players with the nfl standard. Some guys like Lebron, Nate and Rondo all were world class highschool football players, but when you think about it, many nba players love playing football in their free time and vice versa. It's a beautiful thing! Lebron really showcased exceptional football talent and in my opinion he could be as versatile in football as he is in basketball. The man is an amazing passer and even hit full court football shots in practice. He's a tank, he's fast, athletic, has good hands and has a superior instinct. Hell when you think about it lbj is an animal. Rondo made a very good football qb but was too skinny to play pro. KD is skinny as hell too but his life with bron really showcased he can play! He has good hands and long arms plus great athleticism.

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My Team

QB: Rajon Rondo

RB: Ben Gordon

RB: Dion Waiters

WR: LeBron James - plays both ways LB/DB on defense. Emergency QB

WR: John Wall

WR: Will Barton -just seems like he fits the mold of a WR with his swag

Slot WR: Isiah Thomas

TE: Thomas Robinson

TE: Blake Griffin

RT: Gustavo Ayon

RG: Dejuan Blair

C: Jon Brockman

LG: Jared Sullinger

LT: DeMarcus Cousins

DE: Ivan Johnson

DT: Big Baby

NT: Eddie Curry. run stuffer. space eater. everything eater

DE: Kenneth Faried

OLB: Alonzo Gee

MLB: Baron Davis

OLB: Jae Crowder

CB: Russel Westbrook

CB: Tony Allen

Nickle: Ty Lawson

FS: Derrick Rose

SS: Darius Johnson-Odom

K/P: Steve Nash

SLASH- PR/KR/WR/Wild Cat QB: Nate Robinson

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rondo would get absolutely

rondo would get absolutely butt-punished as a 170 lb quarterback

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LeBron James-WR/TE Rajon

LeBron James-WR/TE

Rajon Rondo-CB

Ty Lawson-RB

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yea those first three names i

yea those first three names i wouldn't put in those postions j. kidd would be my qb and at rb i would have and rubio as his back up even though he probably has never touched a football... then i would have d wade and collison at rb wade the complete back and collison as the speedster and my biggest problem.... cousins covering the blind side. he is the most selfish person in the nba you think he would care about blocking for his qb lol problems on that line would be cause immediatley haha

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Chase Budinger: WR/special

Chase Budinger: WR/special teams

Lebron: TE

Jeremy Lin: KR

Jon Brockman: TE

Dwight Howard: DE

Nikola Pekovic: RT

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Also Tracy McGrady is the

Also Tracy McGrady is the only NBA player who has the arm to play QB, but I don't think he could read defenses though and is super slow.

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Matt Barnes was a sick WR in

Matt Barnes was a sick WR in high school, led the nation with 28 receiving TDs as a senior. Lebron would probably make a good TE. Eric Gordon might make a good RB with his size and speed although he would probably get dinged up even more. Nate Robinson could probably be a DB in the NFL if he had focused on football

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Eric Bledsoe would be a

Eric Bledsoe would be a pretty sick running back I reckon.

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