Which Fantasy Draft NBA2k12 team is Better?

So my bro and I are in Year Two of an NBA2k12 Association. We fantasy drafted teams and, through lucky draft pick trading, ended up with the top 2 picks. And keep in mind, Stve Nash was my Point Guard and he retired after one year. I made the conference semis in Year One. He just missed the playoffs. So here's the teams:

My Pistons:

C-Roy Hibbert

PF-Luis Scola

SF-Danny Granger

SG-#1 Draft pick (he's kinda comprable to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, so that's what I call him)

PG-George Hill

Bench-Gerald Henderson, Deandre Jordan, Chase Budinger, Anthony Tolliver, Andre Miller, #8 pick (Terrence Ross, maybe?), Shaun Livingston

His Pacers:

C-Al Horford

PF-Kevin Love

SF-Shane Battier

SG-#2 Pick (He's kinda comprable to Harrison barnes, even if he plays SG. He's a combo wing player)

PG-Jrue Holiday

Bench-Arron Afflalo, David West, and a bunch of other guys who my brother never plays.

So, whose team is better? Probably his, because I built a team that fits my style. In Year Two, he's doing a lot better, at 7-1. I am 6-2.

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Was your brothers name

Was your brothers name DisappointedGrandpa before?

Anyways, I like your brothers 2k12 team slight more. Had Steve Nash not retired on your team, I would have gave you the nod. But Kevin Love is a beast in that game, Horford's midrange is good and Jrue Holiday is pretty good in that game as well. Having David West on the bench is a little weird because I'm assuming that Love and Horford get a lot of the minutes but I guess thats a hell of a 6th man to have coming off the bench.

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His team's overall is 91. Mine is something like 84. But I am a wee bit better at the game.

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I'll take your bro's team,

I'll take your bro's team, his 2 big men are both all-stars, plus jrue holiday is far better than george hill

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Your team isn't bad, his is

Your team isn't bad, his is slightly better, however I really like the fact that you drafted a guy like Nash even though he was aging. I do this fantasy draft thing with my cousins all the time, they're all younger than me, and they never draft anyone over the age of 28. Whenever we do a fantasy draft, they insist on giving us the top picks, and since they always pick Lebron, Durant, and Rose, they think I'm crazy when I pick Kobe or Wade. Once my team was so good because I was able to get Wade, Ginobili, Mo Willams, Pau Gasol, and Hibbert somehow with Battier and Afflalo.

Just curious, which players did you use to get the #1 pick? And do you do the pre-draft workouts which basically tells you whether you're getting Darko or Lebron, lol.

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