which 10 player roster would win the most games?

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which 10 player roster would win the most games?

you walk into a gym and there are 3 teams of 10 players playing round robin style, winner stays on. which 10 player roster do you think would win the most games right now (healthy versions of these players)? here are the rosters:

team 1 - nfl experience basketball players/great athletes

jj watt/jason pierre-paul
antonio gates/jimmy graham
calvin johnson/jerome simpson
tony gonzalez/aj green
michael vick/drew brees

team 2 - some of wnba's best

britney griner/glory johnson
sylvia fowles/tina charles
elena delle donne/tamika catchings
candace parker/diana taurasi
skylar diggins/angel mccoughtry

team 3 - underclassmen

thon maker/rodney miller
harry giles/edrice adebayo
vj king/dedric lawson
terrance ferguson/tyus battle
seventh woods/deandre fox

yeah, i'm bored, but what the heck, what would be the order of most wins to least from these teams?

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the NFL team because not only

the NFL team because not only are they the best athletes by far but strength, cognizance, and efficiency grows by leaps and bounds with age and they're the oldest

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From most wins to least

From most wins to least wins:
Team 1
Team 3
Team 2

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I will go with Team 1 as

I will go with Team 1 as well. But how can you go with some of the WNBA's best without mentioning Lauren Jackson.

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Just throw the ball within 5

Just throw the ball within 5 feet of the hoop and Calvin Johnson will throw it down! Plus it would be hilarious to see JJ Watt backdown females or 15 year olds.

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NFL Team

I would add Julius Peppers to that list. He actually did play at UNC and to a person, still the most impressive athelte in Bears camp.

Team #1, no doubt.

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