Where's Mr Knick...The Sixers beat the Knicks

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Your own player Ray Felton

Your own player Ray Felton said it best at the end, "the better team won today." ooow that hurts.

Knicks need swagger hahaha, they live in New York and can't find swagger thats terrible I thought it came with every Knick contract.

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Whats happens if the Sixers get a top 10 pick and true Center

The Sixers have one of the brightest future's in the Entire NBA...we have so much talent it's being called a surplus of talent...we have for Wings that any team in the NBA would want...Turner,Iguadola,Thad and Lou Williams are as good as any young four on any team...we just have to get Holiday and Speights playing up to their potential...Hawes could step it up too...I'll take the Sixers over Knicks talent wise, any day...tHE Only thing the Knicks really have is Eddie Curry's huge expiring contract and a false sense of security...

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i usually dont laugh at

i usually dont laugh at statements but he said the sixers couldnt use mozgov, chandler, gallo, randolph, and douglas. mozgov, i dont know because philly has some mediocre centers but battie has many years and hawes was a lotto pick so no we dont need him. douglas is cheaper than williams but pretty much the same player so no we dont need him. we have turner, iggy, and thad at the 2/3 so why would we need chandler or gallo. and randolph at thois point is all hype. he hasnt show much other than spurts of good play. plus at the 3/4 we have iggy, thad, brand, and speights. so really, philly is stacked with young talent(which ill give you isnt a guarantee to success but its a start). philly is brands bad contract, and an iggy trade away from being a great up and coming team.

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Yeah Philly is stacked thats

Yeah Philly is stacked thats why their 2-5 after a 2-5 preseason as well. So far they lost to Washington, Cleveland and the Nets all teams that are wishing to contend for a playoff spot. To answer your question on what the Sixers will be if they get a legit Center the same thing they were a few years ago a team that loses in the 1st round 3 of the last 6 years. They don't have a franchise player and won't have 1 for another 2 years. Iguodala is a nice player but not a franchise one and with 4 years and 56 million left he won't be so easy to move. Brand also has a big deal 3 years at over 51 million left. So while the Knicks were being ruined by Isiah for years the Sixers couldn't get out of the 1st round and 3 years they missed the playoffs and added 2 huge contracts. Don't get me wrong the 76ers have a nice young team developing but your overrating them especially Spencer Hawes look at his stats you want to knock Mozgov who's played what half a dozen games in the league. Meanwhile Hawes is in his 4th season of course you would take him but he's nothing special. The Sixers do have more talent but it hasn't translated into more wins last year or this year basically they are a bunch of parts that don't fit together.

That statement of the Nets last year being better than the Knicks was just stupid. The Nets had to win 3 of their last 10 to avoid having the worst record ever. If the Nets young players were so good they wouldn't have won 12 games last year. Devin Harris was awful shooting 40% and 28% on 3's, he's got to be one of the most overrated PGs in the league. The Knicks had a bunch of rookies and expiring contracts put together for cap relief and still won close to 30 games. The last thing about the Knicks being the top 5 worst teams in the league talent wise w/out Amare might not be that far off. Then again what do you expect they gutted the team for a shot at big name free agents. Also take away Amare from the Knicks and they'd be sitting on a lot of cap room which they'd have used. You want to talk about home grown talent look at the best team in the league the Lakers. 3 of their top 7 playes right now came via trade or free agency Gasol, Odom and Artest. The Celtics, Magic, Mavs and Heat all have star players from free agency or trade. Its 2010 if you only want to build through the draft you'll end up like the Twolves and even they made some moves. Last I checked Chandler, Douglas, Gallo, Fields are all home grown players with a total of 6 years combined experience. The Knicks weren't the only team going after Lebron that failed to land him but the big 3 had a plan to play together since the Olympics get over it. They did land a top player in Amare and still have a very good shot at Mello. Oh and don't be so quick to annoint Dougl Collins such a great coach he couldn't make the Finals even with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. His career record is 334-292 in the regular season and 15-23 in the playoffs not exactly a Hall of Fame coach.

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