Where's McGray in the 2013 Mock?

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Where's McGray in the 2013 Mock?

I remember a few months back Mitch McGary was in the top 5 of the 2013 Mock Draft and now does not appear in the mock at all. Why is this? I also recall him commiting to Michigan. Has he opted out of his commitment and remains undecided at the moment (Any updates on him)? Just curious.

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hes still committed to

hes still committed to Michigan. Idk what the deal is with him off the mock, but as its been pointed out before, these things are widely innacurate until about a month before the draft. Not sure if his stock dropped that much to where hes not a one and done or not.

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Yeah he's still committed to

Yeah he's still committed to Michigan. It's just that earlier this year he had a poor showing at some national hs showcase so that made many people realize he still has a long way to go, and might need more time to develop as a big man than many initially thought after the summer aau circuit. I read that he was dominated by Nerlens Noel at the showcase, top player in the class. No big deal to me, he'll develop under coach Belein at Michigan who seems to get the most out of players, now that he gets a talent like this I wanna see how Mcgary turns out. The few highlights I saw, he looked like a less athletic Josh McRoberts.

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Due to him not playing that

Due to him not playing that well in a prep school showcase now some scouts are having doubts

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It might be that some think

It might be that some think he is not going to be a one and done. He better be though, he is the age of a college sophmore already

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I havent seen too much of him

I havent seen too much of him play but what i have seen I like alot. I wouldn't say hes a less athletic McRoberts (I cant really come up with a good comparison) but the kid plays as hard as anyone I have seen. He gives 100% all the time and will develop into a good player. The reason he's not in the 2013 mock I think is because scouts have realized he needs some experience and will most likely stay in college longer than a year. When he does come out though I think he will be a lottery pick I think he has a bright future.

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The David Lee comparison is

The David Lee comparison is the best I have seen.

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He's the same age as Abdul

He's the same age as Abdul Gaddy who is a Senior next year.

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He has had a disappointing senior season , he is averaging 11 ppg and 9 rpg , he is going to be 20 in June , and for a almost 20 year old struggling with some 16 and 17 year olds is not a good sign

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