Where Would Jeremy Lamb go in this Draft?

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Where Would Jeremy Lamb go in this Draft?

I'm a big fan of Jeremy Lamb and think he could go first overall if he stayed at UConn for another year. Lamb looked impressive in the D-League and has potential to be a top SG in the NBA if he gets stronger & receives more NBA minutes. There's a lot to like about his game despite the fact that a lot of people are down on him since he played in Tulsa for the majority of the season.

Anyone else think that Lamb could go #1 overall in this draft?

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When I first saw this post I thought it was pretty ridiculous but then I really thought about it and there aren't many players who would be rated above him, assuming he improved on his numbers from his sophmore year. I would rather have Lamb than McLemore so it's possible. I'm hoping he gets plenty of minutes next year for the Thunder.

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Theres always rumors swirling with the Cavaliers and one I've come across involved Cleveland/OKC and I was a huge fan of it simply because Lamb was involved. I really think once he gets some minutes, he will be a great young SG in this league.

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Was a big fan of his in

Was a big fan of his in college,he improved in dleague.But since Cleveland drafted Waiters and seemingly like him at the sg spot,id say its tight race between him and Burke to Orlando...But I would draft him over Mclemore.

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I read the other post here

I read the other post here comparing Waiters and Beal and to me five years from now Lamb might be the best player out of this three. Rght now I would take Waiters over Lamb and Beal. I know Lamb barely played and Beal raised his game once John Wall was back but somehow I'm not he biggest fan of Beal.

If Lamb would be there this year it would be pretty close between Ben Mac. I was very impressed with how Lamb played in the D-League and there is no doubt to me that he will be a good scorer someday in the league. MacLemore might have more trouble scoring in the NBA given his long way from power forward to shooting guard.

I believe Lambs bbiq is the biggest one out of all players mentioned above.

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He would be in discussion for

He would be in discussion for the top pick. He would get drafted somewhere in the top 5 or 6.

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He would prob. be a top 5

He would prob. be a top 5 pick

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the same the end of the bench!

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I really want a team like the

I really want a team like the T'wolves to try and make a play for Lamb. His shooting/scoring skillset would nicely along side a Rubio Love Pek (assuming he's retained). Also if OKC makes a long term commitment to Kevin Martin that pretty much destroys Jeremys opportunity to steal some PT.

Saunders made it known he's looking for shooting this offseason, maybe he can propose a package built around the 9th pick to Sam Presti.

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To be honest I'd probably

To be honest I'd probably take him 1st overall. Guys in the D-League couldn't keep up with him and the competition there is better than college. He's been NBA ready since he came into the league; he just needs a chance to play. I'm sure he would have been tearing it up by now in Houston this past year if he didn't get traded to one of the top 2-3 teams in the league.

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with out reading any of yall comments imma say he'd be going head to head with bmac for first Sg picked in this draft. So who ever is in need of a two guard would have a tuff choice to make.

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