Where in the world is Yao Ming?

Somehow after retiring Yao Ming ended up in my hometown of Perth, Western Australia, known as the most isolated city in the world. As it happens he ate at the restaurant my friend works at and she got a photo with him... she's basically my height, and it's crazy to think how tall he is. Thought I'd share the love and see if anybody else has a photo with an NBA player they'd like to share.


If someone who knows how to embed an image could do that for me I'd appreciate it. I'm lacking plain text editor skills.

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He's probably depress due to

He's probably depress due to his retirement and just wanted to isolate himself from everyone including the media.

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Awesome ompahlos. Great

Awesome ompahlos. Great pic/post. I wish Yao the best. He had such an amazing stroke for a guy standing at like 7'6". He was pretty mobile as well considering his size. Just one of the most unique players from our era.

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i see paul millsap at the U

i see paul millsap at the U of U a few times a week but i dont have the balls to ask him for a picture.

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Haha I knew the king of

Haha I knew the king of picture posting would deliver, cheers McDunkin.

I think the reason he's here is because the Shanghai Sharks are playing a friendly tournament against the Perth Wildcats. I went to a couple of those games last season and the Chinese got blown out big-time, they play a very systemised game, but really struggle to get shots off against pressure D. I also saw the 7'8" player for the Sharks, but he's nothing like Yao, he really struggles to get up and down the court, and seemed in pain whenever he was required to move.

If I can get any more happy snaps I'll keep you posted.

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Max Zhang?

He is 7'3 and plays for the Sharks, was played for Cal for two years. He is mostly famous for having bushy eyebrows and this:

The 7'8 Chinese guy was named Sun Ming Ming, and he definitely was not Yao Ming (Not even close to being squared either). That is awesome that your friend got to take a picture with him! He was an amazing player, his presence will be missed in the NBA. Man, he would have made the league so much more interesting. I think the bottom line is, while being 7 feet can be awesome, it has a major downside when it comes to health issues and life expectancy. Here was a great article SI did on 7 footers, if anyone is interested:


Cool stats from the article:

  • While only 0.07% of American's 6'6 to 6'8 are in the NBA, the number rises to 17% for Americans 7 feet or taller
  • Approximately 5% of the American population is over 6'3 (so, close to 16 million people or so, out of 312 million)
  • According to Harry Stanback, there are two things you can do when you are 7 feet. One is play basketball. The other, is clean elephant butts.
  • Jim McIlvaine, a former NBA player who is over 7 feet tall, married a 6'7 former Center for UNC. Coaches call them everyday begging them to have children.
  • The relative life expectancy of a 7-footer is foggy, but scientists do know that a human being's medically optimal height is considerably closer to 6'1" than it is to 7'1". Grow nearer to the latter mark, says John Komlos, an economist who studies height at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, and "health diminishes: back, heart, bones. Mortality rate rises." Adds Gowriharan Thaiyananthan, co--medical director of the Chapman Neurosurgical and Spine Institute in Orange, Calif., and a neurosurgeon who's operated on four 7-footers himself, "Our bodies were not designed to be 7 feet tall. That's like turning a car into a stretch limo: Things work, but it's not what nature decided is our optimal state. You're pushing every organ system to its limit." (Taken directly from the article, but, puts things in perspective)

  • Clarence Holloway, a 7'1 Center and former top recruit who was scheduled to play for Louisville, ended his career due to the detection of Marfan Syndrome a connective tissue disorder. Always wondered what had happened to him, that is too bad.

  • Players who have been afflicted with gigantism (only 100 or so known cases even have existed in the US): Gheorghe Muresan (7'7), Pavel Poldkolzine (7'5) and Josh Moore (7'2, did not know he had a pituitary disorder)

  • Eleven ex-players in SI's survey testified to having some kind of major knee, foot or back problem while playing or in retirement

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I see derozan and amir

I see derozan and amir johnson at the eaton center (i work there) all the time but i dont say anything nether do most people

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