Where in the world is terrico white

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Where in the world is terrico white

What happend to this guy i thought he was going to be a steal for the pistons and be a borderline allstar talent. What happrnd to Him?? I know he did well in the summer league but i havent heard anything from him so far..

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If im no mistaken I believe

If im no mistaken I believe he broke his foot in pre-season. Possibly the same game they lost Jonas Jerebko.

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T. White is hurt, but in my opinion he is better off, the pistons are just terrable (said the way charles barkley says it) He is better off taking this year off and coming back next year when the pistons are so overloaded with guards. once the pistons rid themselves of rip and tmac and tayshaun there will be enough minutes for him to gobble up. watch out though, dude is impressive.

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My favourite player coming

My favourite player coming out of college last year. I wish he didn't go to the Pistons though as they're just a huge mess of guards and overpaid veterans.

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