Where will the stars go in 2010?

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Where will the stars go in 2010?

I am almost willing to bet my life that D-Wade and Lebron are staying put but am curious to find out where everybody thinks Stoudemire, Bosh, and Johnson go? My predictions;

Bosh has has lived in the cold and lost long enough and he will make a move to join fellow a fellow superstar in Miami.

Stoudemire and Bosh will have a reunion in New York with D'Antoni putting back together the young core of talent in the beginnging of the Phoenix experiment. I'm not saying this as knicks fan because I still dont think that those 2 can win a championship but Donnie Walsh is saving his pennies and he will have to spend them to appease the rowdy new york fanbase after Lebron and Wade choose to stay.

Houston wil,l probably let T-Mac go after theyve shown they can win without him and get tired of wasting cap space. I see the clippers being a destination for him or possibly even Boston can take yet another star on the decline.

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