Where will Al Jefferson go this offseason?

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Where will Al Jefferson go this offseason?

Report: Jazz may let Al Jefferson walk
By June 24, 2013

The Utah Jazz may let veteran big man Al Jefferson leave in free agency, according to ESPN's Marc Stein.
Jefferson earned $15,000,0000 with the Jazz last season, making him the highest paid player on the team by a large margin. In 78 games last season Jefferson averaged 17.8 points, 9.2 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game.
Fellow Jazz forward Paul Millsap is also an unrestricted free agent.


I'm thinking the Houston Rockets would be a great fit IF they don't get Dwight Howard. Where else do you think he'll fit?

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I'd say Boston, Dallas, and

I'd say Boston, Dallas, and maybe Atlanta are the top teams that may take a look at him. I'm more so leaning towards Boston. With all the drama they have been dealing with this off season and the uncertainty of players staying and being traded away. Boston could re-up in the frontcourt. Plus He played with the C's before being traded away in 2007 so it could be a reunion with the team that drafted him.

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The Rockets

were bad enough on defense last year...They were already ranked 15th in the league. Bring in Jefferson and it'll only get worse. Plus, how do you put him and Asik on the floor together? No space for Harden to get to the basket with two guys who live underneath the basket. It's hard to find a team for him though. Maybe Hawks or Dallas just because they'll have the cap space and they're likely to lose out on the big names? No established centers on either team either.

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I feel like it'd almost be

I feel like it'd almost be poetic justice if he ended up back in Boston during the prime of his career after being traded away when he was just starting to emerge

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How is Boston...

paying for a Big Al contract? They're already at $73 million for 2013-2014 with roster spots to fill?

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I wonder will Utah sign him

I wonder will Utah sign him and trade him to Boston for Pierce? Becuz Boston cant afford to pay him anything close to the 15 million he made this yr.....

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Anywhere but Utah

Frankly i feel for the fans of whatever team he goes to. Yeah he is great on offense if you don't count getting to the free throw line. you'd think a guy that holds the ball for over half of the shot clock he'd get fouled more but i guess he doesnt like contact. don't even get me started on how terrible he is on defense. he has got to be the laziest PnR defender i have ever seen. Watch him try to cut off the ball handler when his team mate gets picked and it is his job to cut him off. Its half hearted and lazy. In contrast watch the same thing with Favors he'll run the guy out of bounds if necessary.
On second thought the real answer should be whatever team wants to end up in the range of the 12-14 picks for the next couple of years.

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He'll be a good fit with

He'll be a good fit with Dallas...with Dirk being able to work outside, and al can work inside. It's just their defense inside will be cotton soft, unless they sign a cheap defensive big man

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Is looking to cut salary for draft picks and rebuild. That's why they dumped Doc Rivers, and they'll be dealing Garnett too. Pierce will probably retire a Celtic, if they can, but I don't see them going right back out and grabbing a big contract right away. They'll look to be players in 2015 or 2016 free agent markets...but not now.

Dallas, Philadelphia, LA Lakers, Atlanta, maybe a Washington or New Orleans offer as well. Utah probably won't play, they want to resign Milsap and then have Favors and Kanter get some more minutes, and that's all the depth they really need in the frontcourt. Milsap is probably a better value for the price tag anyway.

Houston is a mystery. They have a lot of young guys that they need to develop, and a couple of bloated contracts, but they have Harden, who is a genuine star, and when you have a player of that level, you have to build something around him while you can. They should be making moves this offseason, and Jefferson would be a nice improvement for them, but I suspect they will overpay for Dwight Howard.

If I were betting on it, my money would be on Dallas landing Jefferson.

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