Where the top 2012 Recruits Go

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Where the top 2012 Recruits Go

Shabazz Muhammad-UCLA

UCLA is the presumed leader, and after Kyle Anderson commited (the two are very close), it gave the team a chance to start being great again and soon.

Mitch McGary- Duke

Some of you may say Michigan or UNC, but McGary's parents want Duke and that is huge. Also, Duke has made a great pitch to him and after the visit, he raved about it everyone chance he could. Duke needs big men, and McGary will jump on Duke's offered minutes.

Kaleb Tarczewski- Arizona

Tarczewski canceled his official visit to both Kansas and Arizona, the two schools he is considering, so you have to think that a decision is coming. My bet is on Arizona, as he could come in and be the starting center, plus potentially win a national championship, something Kansas does not seem like they will truly contend for next year.

Anthony Bennett- Kentucky

Kentucky has started off their 2012 recruiting efforts with Archie Goodwin, and you have to think that would be the start off a domino effect in Kentucky recruiting. With Davis and Jones both potentially being gone, there will be minutes for Bennett under Coach Cal.

DaJuan Coleman- Kentucky

With Coleman, Syracuse has a huge shot to land him as he grew up an Orange fan. However, being the next Demarcus Cousins will be to much to pass up and he will go to Lexington.

These are just a few names at the top of the uncomitted list in this class, and please comment below on your opinions of these school picks.

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Coleman = Cousins smh

I'm sorry but i juss do not see any of Demarcus Cousins in DaJuan Coleman other than they are both massive men.....

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Shabazz Muhammad:

Shabazz Muhammad: Kentucky

Mich McGary: Duke

Rodney Purvis: Connecticut

Jarnell Stokes: Memphis

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