Where should FAs go this Summer?

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Where should FAs go this Summer?

D12 and CP3 has been grabbing the headlines for this free agency coming up, but where do you see some other players winding up, or would you like to see them go? So are coming off rookie deals and are restricted FAs, but still......

Chris Paul
Dwight Howard
Andrew Bynum
Josh Smith
Paul Milsap
Nikola Pekovic
Al Jefferson
Brandon Jennings
Tyreke Evans
Andre Iguodala
Monta Ellis
OJ Mayo
Kevin Martin
JJ Hickson
Jeff Teague
Rodney Stuckey
Darren Collison
Mo Williams
JJ Reddick

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Chris Paul almost assuredly

Chris Paul almost assuredly re-signs with the Clippers. Kevin Martin probably signs back with the Thunder.

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I think Dwight and Josh Smith

I think Dwight and Josh Smith end up together, don't know where possibly Atlanta

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As a Bucks fan, I think the

As a Bucks fan, I think the Bucks will end up bringing Jennings back for better or for worse. Unless a team gives him a big contract (like 12+ million a year), I think Milwaukee will match.

I'd like to see Monta Ellis go to a contender to be a 6th man, but he's said time and time again that he does not want to do that at all.

And I personally love JJ Redick, but if he's actually expecting to get 10 million a year, I'll gladly let him walk. For around 7 million, I'd love to bring him back.

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Usually, when you know who got the money to sign players, you know the most attractive destination. Players are humans and they are attracted by money, we shouldn't blame them for that, most of us would do exactly the same. So the question is: what teams will have money to spend next season?
Utah will possibly have a lot of players leaving, the may attrack free agents (with sign-and-trade eventually) or try to get back their old roster. In any case, the Jazz will be a major actor of the coming season break. Sacramento also will have money under the salary cap and they seem not to like Evans so much so they will probably try to be active. New-Orleans and Houston (again) will make some moves this summer.
Atlanta will have the biggest margin, they could potentially sign 3 superstars, Howard, Paul et Smith could play along with Horford. Cleveland's future looks bright with some money to spend and they already have the core of their roster.

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I don't see a huge market for Jennings, so agree with mach46 on the Bucks retaining him. Ellis has a player option and would have to opt out of $11 Million. I find it hard to believe he can do that, right? In any event, they should have some cap flexability this off season, so hopefully active on the FA market.

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Would love to see Monta in

Would love to see Monta in Indiana, playing as 6th man.

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I Wonder will Mark Cuban

I Wonder will Mark Cuban ditch the 1 year contracts and finally give someone the max or a multi-year deal? Have Mayo been good enuff to earn a multi-year deal?

Jennings has told some friends he wants to play in Dallas..

I dont see CP3 or Howard going anywhere else....So Josh Smith might be the biggest name out there...Boston should go after Al Jefferson ..The Lakers should try to get Iggy....If Memphis can get Martin or Monta Elllis, they'll be hard to contain...

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How would the Lakers go after

How would the Lakers go after Iggy and keep Dwight?

"Starting in 2013-14, teams more than $4 million above the tax level cannot receive a player in a sign-and-trade transaction."

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If we're going with big time

If we're going with big time moves how about this one. Rockets salary dump Asik and TRob to the Hawks ( Who lets face it will have a hard time signing any big time FA so they'll take a center and a top 5 pick for free ) So they can free up around 11 million more dollars. This lets them sign Howard to a max deal ( Only 4 Years ) and Smith to a 11.5 million per year deal as well. Having a foursome of Howard, Harden, Smith and Lin.

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Asik is a double double

Asik is a double double machine and he's still pretty young. There is no way the Rockets would just salary dump him. Plus it would be pretty difficult under the new salary cap rules for the Rockets to pay Howard, Harden, Smith, and Lin especially once Lin's contract hits the big jump in it's last year.

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You guys don't think Utah will throw money at Jennings? I can see them doing this, because Brandon Jennings in Utah will give Jennings a team to work with. Therefore he doesn't have to worry about scoring as much and he'll have people he can pass to on a consistent basis.

I also see the Pistons throwing some money Evans way. And I hope the kings don't match.

Chris Paul is staying in LA, witch LA team, who knows.

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Mavs should go after

Mavs should go after Pec
Rockets should go after with Milsap or Smith
And teams shoudl beware of Bynum

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I see Mayo staying in Dallas.

I see Mayo staying in Dallas. I think Cuban is going to pay him.

Definitely can't see Paul leaving the Clippers.

I think the Blazers will be active and give Nikola Pekovic a run.

Martin should definitely want to stay in OKC. Perfect fit for him and team.

Utah could go after Evans and Jennings.

Jeff Teague is going to stay with the Hawks. Hawks will match any offer he gets. As I Hawks fan I would love to let Smith go to the highest bidder and go after Mayo and Milsap.

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Now I don't know who is going to have money to sign people this off-season but this would be my prediction if these teams had the money to sign these guys:

Chris Paul-Clippers
Dwight Howard-Mavs
Andrew Bynum-76ers
Josh Smith-Rockets
Paul Milsap-Suns
Nikola Pekovic-Timberwolves
Al Jefferson-Hawks
Brandon Jennings-Bucks
Tyreke Evans-Pistons
Andre Iguodala-Mavs
Monta Ellis-Hawks
OJ Mayo-Jazz
Kevin Martin-Thunder
JJ Hickson-Pacers
Jeff Teague-Hawks
Rodney Stuckey-Bobcats
Darren Collison-Magic
Mo Williams-Nuggers (MLE)
JJ Reddick-Suns

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way too early for me to

way too early for me to speculate where they will be headed for real, but i have fun playing gm of every team in the NBA and will post where i want them to go as far where they will be a best fit in.

Chris Paul - Clippers - dont mess up a great thing they got going on there.

Dwight Howard - Rockets - has the money to sign him and has an all-star perimeter player to complement him, as well as solid role players and shooters to surround him with.

Andrew Bynum - Mavericks - Cuban is willing to throw his money away and cant build a team through the draft. only chance of going forward is by hoping bynum gets healthy as he's about to enter his prime.

Josh Smith - Pistons - Im all for Andre Drummond, but we all know it normally takes young bigs 4-5 years to develop in this league. Smith complements Monroe's game and gives this detroit unit an established player in the line-up.

Paul Milsap - Jazz - best for both parties for him to re-up in Utah where he can be the veteran leader. has the character and work ethic you'd expect from a leader.

Nikola Pekovic - Blazers - im sorry minny, i want you to retain him, but dont see you matching a big offer from portland even if Pekovic is a RFA, which is he isnt. portland hasnt been hiding that they want a true traditional center to play next Alrdidge despite Hickson's improved play.

Al Jefferson - Bobcats - Big Al might not be crazy about going to a rebuilding team, but they got the money to pay him and the perfect role for him as both their 1st option and post scorer. he can have as much touches on offense as he wants.

Brandon Jennings - Mavericks - I'd say Dallas will be very happy on getting both Jennings and Bynum, but they have to get creative though and not extend offer sheets to both Collison and Ronny. also have to convince andrew and brandon that they can not get max deals, but will be paid better than most.

Tyreke Evans - Magic - like dallas, orlando has to get creative since they dont have the cap space to just go out and sign tyreke to an offer sheet. if they do end up getting him, then they would have a dynamic scorer who can get into the lane and would have spot up shooters spacing him and play well off the ball.

Andre Iguodala - Nuggets - his role on the team is ideal to me. sure, we'd love it if he was a much better shooter, but for what he brings to the table, his current team is the best fit. well maybe memphis, but they dont have the money to poach him anyway.

Monta Ellis - Bucks - they'll likely loose brandon who has made it clear that he's not that thrilled in milwaukee, its better to keep at least one of them anyways and not both, and ellis can remain as their top scorer while they go sign a doug christie type to defend opposing shooting guards while help bringing up the ball and stabilize some of the point guard duties. kinda like Alec Burks for Utah.

OJ Mayo - Suns - i was thinking of him resigning back in dallas just for more money and a longer deal, but if push comes to shove and they need to allocate their budget, bynum and jennings would take most of it not leaving much for Mayo. in phoenix he can start as well and have a very similar role to the one he's having this season. since goran is more of a scorer than a pass first PG, i would want to pair him next to a combo guard.

Kevin Martin - Hawks - it will be very hard for Martin to leave the thunder, a perenial contender, but OKC just might not have the budget to retain him or he might want to show that he's a still a starter in this league. The hawks have shown that they will feature an offense with shooters to spread the floor and Horford in the post or in a P&R, Martin fits that description as their starting 2 and Atlanta might need a replacement as a dead-eye shooter with Korver potentially leaving. other teams i considered for him were the Jazz, Timberwolves and the Pacers.

JJ Hickson - Mavericks - i considered other teams, ones where he could be a full-time starter next to an offensive minded center, but they just either have too much pf's already(BKN) or have their front court rotation set(SAS). in dallas, hickson will play the role of first big of the bench/insurance that they will have a possible starter next to dirk if bynum cant play cause of an injury.

Jeff Teague - Hawks - his role is perfect for the team and what they are building, and as far as i know, he's very happy with the organization and their direction.

Darren Collison - Lakers - play back-up to nash on the short term in a system that he would thrive under. can definitely get more minutes when they want to put a better defender on opposing team's point guards. and it would be a reunion of sorts for him in LA.

Mo Williams - Jazz - best option is to resign with utah on a short term deal. he still gets to be a starter on a play-off team and they can pay him so long as its a short term contract. unless of course he's willing to play back-up for less money, then there will be a longer list of suitors, but dont think he wants that right now. also, the hornets can be a possibility, but even if they give him his price, would he be fine playing back-up?

JJ Reddick - Pacers - can either be their starting 2 guard or the solid 6th man. will get minutes on this team for sure and have a role carved out for him. style of play also fits his game.

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I have no clue where most players go this summer

I will try to think outside the box a little bit...

Dwight Howard goes home to Atlanta, joining forces with Josh Smith, Jeff Teague and Al Horford

CP3 follows Dwight' s lead and picks a team close to home, shocking the world by signing with The Charlotte Bobcats, Clippers begin the Eric Bledsoe era

Andrew Bynum passes a physical and appears to be in great shape, The Philadelphia 76ers resign him to a Max contract and hope to build around him, one week into preseason he suffers another "setback" playing a game of parchessi and never plays another professional basketball game again, the move sets the 76ers back a half decade thus wasting Holiday and Turner's prime years

After Josh Smith rejects Houston's offer and joins D12 in Atlanta the Rockets shift their focus to All Star Sf Andre Iguadola, Iggy accepts the offer and pairs up with Harden, T Rob and Asik to make the Rockets a very scary team, Daryl Morey comes to his senses and realises he's made a huge huge mistake and cuts ties with Jeremy Lin and trades him to Utah for Mo Williams

Paul Milsap signs an offer sheet with the Trailblazers for the second time in 3 years, only for Utah to match the offer and let Big Al go instead, the move opens up minutes for both Favors and Kanter while also allowing the Blazers to acquire the now jaded Al Jefferson in place of Milsap

Tyreke Evans is targeted by the Phoenix Suns, who offer him a modest 4 year/40 million deal, when the Kings get wind they panic and offer Evans the Max, Reke gets overpaid and makes the biggest basketball mistake of his young career by staying in Poison Town USA

Brandon Jennings voices his wish to sign with Toronto and the Bucks oblige him ans take back Kyle Lowry and Landry Fields in a Sign and Trade, the move also allows Monta Ellis to pick up his player option and resign longterm, he and Lowry make up one of the best undersized back courts in the NBA

OJ Mayo recieves a great offer from the Mavs but instead chooses to play for the revamped Clippers sans CP3, Bledsoe/Mayo/Griffin become a great core for the next 4 years , until Griffin opts to leave thus completing the viscous cycle of hell in Clipperland

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Umm... Tyreke is a RFA,

Umm... Tyreke is a RFA, meaning if someone were to offer him anything at all the Kings could just match it and retain him, they would not have to pay more than any offer sheet he signs.

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@ benny15 Dallas can't offer

@ benny15
Dallas can't offer Mayo more than any team in the league ,he signed directly as FA 1 year deal,so we don't own his bird rights

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yeah, i agree. thats why i

yeah, i agree. thats why i dont think the mavs will have enough budget to sign Bynum, Jennings and OJ. hence why i think the mavs will give most of their cap to Andrew and Brandon and the suns would get Mayo. my bad if i dint make it clear.

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I would like to see Josh

I would like to see Josh Smith play under Pop or in Adlemans system

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I'd like a Tyreke to go to

I'd like a Tyreke to go to Dallas and form a back court with Mayo, but that's just me

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Chris Paul - La

Chris Paul - La clippers
Dwight Howard - la lakers
Andrew Bynum - philly
Josh Smith - la lakers
Paul Milsap - utah jazz
Nikola Pekovic - brooklyn nets
Al Jefferson - portland trail blazers
Brandon Jennings - milwaukee
Tyreke Evans - orlando magic
Andre Iguodala - denver
Monta Ellis - new york knicks
OJ Mayo - Dallas
Kevin Martin - miami heat
JJ Hickson - portland
Jeff Teague - atlanta
Rodney Stuckey - detroit
Darren Collison - dallass
Mo Williams - boston celtics
JJ Reddick - philadelphia 76ers

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The Mavericks unless they

The Mavericks unless they could get CP3 and Howard are surely likely to leave cap space for 2014, teams will be aware that the Lakers have cap space then and even if the Miami big 3 stay in place, the Lakers could retain D12 and still add another top FA then.

As regards Monta Ellis, I don 't see him opting out unless he could get a very good deal, the Bucks will surely look to retain one of him or Jennings and likewise Utah will sure to look to retain one of Millsap or Jefferson.

As regards Houston they have to watch the 2014-15 tax level as they have Asik, Lin and Harden all tied up for $44 million aprox and with other roster spots to fill, that year any big FA signing could take them close to luxury tax level. One guy I would like for them is Paul Millsap if he could be signed for $10 million a season aprox.

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Sixers can use any of the top

Sixers can use any of the top 7 players! Bynum is a HUGGGGGEEE risk that I hope Philly re considers! We def would take back best defender an fast breaker Iggy back and add that 3 pint threat in jj. Get rid of Thad(sorry bro), lavoy,young,wright, basically everyone except Turner and Holiday. Imaginge if Dwight came to PHILLY?

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