Where is Lucas Nogueira?

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Where is Lucas Nogueira?

Lucas Nogueira is no longer featured on the 2011 mock draft. Does this mean that he is no longer eligible? Did he not declare for the draft? Anyone know what is going on here? I see that he is now listed on the 2012 mock draft.

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not sure, draftexpress also

not sure, draftexpress also has him in the 2012 mock draft but I haven't heard anything about him.

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fell off a cliff died on

fell off a cliff died on impact

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Could be contact issues

Could be contract issues .e.g buyout problems. Or the player has decided not to enter. He is playing in the "B" team of Estudiantes afterall. Maybe he wants to first, break into the first team and then, declare for the draft afterwards.

He's very raw, and it's in his best interest to not jump right into the upcoming draft. The NBA is a tough place, he wouldn't be able to handle the physical and mental side yet.

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Players are moved from one

Players are moved from one draft year to another by Aran and co based on their best judgement. If you look at the mocks on here, Draft Express even ESPN then players will be listed for different years depending on current performance.

As Noguiera is very raw then waiting another year may be a good move for him.

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Could be his contract or it

Could be his contract or it could be the fact that he is only 200lbs and need to grow some weight bigtime, thus making him very raw and it will probably benefit him to stay in Brazil for another year instead of declare early and come to the NBA.

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It is a recurring trend

That many international players have either wanted to come to the NBA or to enter the Draft. The age to become automatically draft eligible for international players is 22, so Lucas could even wait until 2014 until he enters the draft. But, seeing that Motiejunas and Vesely waited to maybe improve their stock or avoid a costly buyout with their contract, I would think Nogueira might wait until later too enter the draft. It is pretty rare for really young players to enter the draft, Rubio was more the exception than the rule, and he was seen as a sure fire lottery pick, which Lucas is definitely not at this point in time. That is why people should chill with international prospects being on the Mock Drafts, because last year their were only a couple International early entry's.

Last year, their were only 5 early entry's, and only one Nogueira's age who before the draft combine did not have his profile, which was Ryan Richards. Kevin Seraphin was picked 17 and Tibor Pleiss was 31, and they were both one year away from being automatically eligible. Thomas Heurtel and Dusan Korac were not drafted. Many times we are introduced to a foreign prospect very early on, but they wait quite a while until entering the draft. Tiago Splitter was another Brazilian Center prospect who was an example of this. Right now, Lucas is playing in a pretty minor league in Spain, and while he is doing pretty well, he is still definitely a project. He might be picked on upside, but it will be at least a few years until he would play any role on an NBA roster. Not to mention, he is not yet 19 and a complete toothpick.

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Lucas is gonna be the slowest

Lucas is gonna be the slowest player in the game when he gains 30 pounds or more, cant believe how u can be that slow at 7'0 200 pounds

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