where is Kaminsky

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where is Kaminsky

just cureous where is Kaminsky and why he is not in the mock draft? He looked great this weekend and posted over 40 pts in a game this year. what are your thoughts on his NBA potential?

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as a Jr,he averaged 14.1 ppg,

as a Jr,he averaged 14.1 ppg, 6.4 RPG this year. yes he can stretch the floor and is 7 feet, but theres no need to overreact to his tourney games. he's not exactly a dominate big or projects to be a starting PF/C in the NBA.

he's more of a 2nd round prospect right now.

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Watching this run that Kaminsky is on reminds me a lot of the big games Kevin Pittsnogle (one of the all time great names) had in the tournament for West Virginia 7 or 8 years back. The guy had size and could really shoot the ball but similar to Kaminsky probably just doesn't have the foot speed or athleticism to cut it in the league. Maybe a team feels he's worthy of a 2nd round pick or someone will give him a Summer League/ training camp invite but he just doesn't have the ceiling that teams look for, heck of a college player though, he's been fantastic to watch this tournament.

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He´s a seven footer who can

He´s a seven footer who can shoot 3s and block shots. San Antonio will make everyone looks like fool again by taking him.

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as far as...

as far as shot blocking 7 footers who can shoot, I would rather draft Austin (for upside) or Alec Brown than Kaminsky. He's a legitimate prospective second round pick for next year, but not in this years draft. Plus he could stand to try to shore up a few of his weaknesses. What he does, he does well, but at this point that isn't a whole lot outside of shooting and being tall.

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So Kaminsky is a mid second

You can't be serious about Alec Brown. Kaminsky went for 16 and 8 to Brown's 2 and 1 in their head to head matchup.

The 2015 mock has Kaminsky as a mid second and Kaleb Tarzewski as a lottery pick. OK?

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