Where is he now? Jonathan Bender:

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Where is he now? Jonathan Bender:

An inventor! Have to respect a guy who turned a challenge into an achievement.

The short story:

The long story:

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This is a great story to

This is a great story to hear. Good to see him doing something proactive, players like this could so easily still be caught up in their missed chance or broken dreams and just spiral into negativity.

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Another where is he now? I

Another where is he now? I was watching summer league and it made me think of Magnum Rolle. He just never got the time to play and went to the D league and is now in Japan playing. He would be a good energy power forward who will hustle on D and clean the glass but for some reason just never got the chance. I really wish someone would give him the chance

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He had a really good stint

He had a really good stint in the summer league years ago even Jim O'Brien produced this glowing review of him.

"He's been by far the best player by a large margin (in camp). He has dominated everything. He has scored. He has rebounded. He has defended well. He has a surprisingly high basketball IQ. He shoots really well and pursues every offensive rebound."

A little later he got waived due to roster constraints and just dissolved after that. I'm not sure how he's progressed as a player since then but thanks for the update, it's good to know he's still playing somewhere.


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