Where fans think teams will finish in the pac-10 from various sites

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Where fans think teams will finish in the pac-10 from various sites

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3.Washington state
4.Arizonia state
9.Oregon st


1) Washington

Return everyone except Quincy Pondexter. A big loss, but with improvement from the returning players the squad could (and should) be better in 2011. That's before you factor the new faces of C.J. Wilcox and Desmond Simmons into the mix, as well as the 2 open scholarships Lorenzo Romar has to work with. If they bring in an impact big man, this could be a top-10 team.

2) Arizona State

Lose Eric Boateng and Derek Glasser, but just a year ago they lost the much better duo of James Harden and Jeff Pendergraph and didn't regress nearly as much as people thought. With Ty Abbott, Jamelle McMillan and Rihards Kuksiks coming back to play Herb Sendek's matchup zone this team should improve.

3) Arizona

Could contend for the conference championship, or could finish in the middle of the pack. It all comes down to how the team replaces Nic Wise (their only loss). Momo Jones is going to be the leading candidate, but he's going to have to become a much better distributor for this team to excel. If he does they could be dangerous with Derrick Williams leading the way.


More roster turnover for the Bruins as Michael Roll, Nikola Dragovic and James Keefe all graduate and Drew Gordon transferred midseason, while J'Mison Morgan and Mike Moser plan to transfer as well. But the Bruins should rebound for next season, and they could do it with the best frontcourt in the conference of Josh Smith, Reeves Nelson and Tyler Honeycutt. They need Malcolm Lee to take a step forward, but signing a JUCO point guard would really help this squad out... oh, they did that: Lazeric Jones.

5) Washington State

The third team on the list that returns everybody but one player: Nikola Koprivika, whose 3-point shooting will be missed, but should be replaced fairly easily by returning players. Also had a number of players transfer out, though the only really big loss there was Xavier Thames, though they're bringing in JUCO Faisal Aiden, who should take over Thames' minutes. The question is if this team is going to play any defense next year, as they were the worst defensive team in the conference last year. Have to believe that there's going to be improvement under Ken Bone in year 2, and if not there then certainly in terms of players' legs not dying down the stretch.

6) USC

Losing Dwight Lewis, Marcus Johnson and Mike Gerrity will be tough to replace, and Leonard Washington deciding to transfer was a bit surprising, but with Alex Stepheson and Nikola Vucevic coming back inside, this team will again be stout defensively. They just need to find a few players who can put the ball in the basket. A playmaking guard would do wonders for this team, but it doesn't look like there's one to be found.

7) Stanford

Losing Landry Fields is going to hurt a lot, but Johnny Dawkins has a gem of a recruiting class coming in, and has done a pretty good job of coaching the mess that he was left with. You can win games with Jeremy Green as your best player, but I think this program is still a year away from getting back to respectability.

8) California

The rebuilding effort in Berkeley has begun. Jerome Randle, Patrick Christopher, Theo Robertson and Jamal Boykin are all gone, and to add insult to injury D.J. Seeley is transferring. Harper Kamp will rejoin the team after an injury and redshirt year, and the recruiting class is good. Mike Montgomery is a good enough coach that they won't exactly be giving away games, but the exodus of talent means that this team is going to have to take a year or two to restock the cupboard.

9) Oregon State

I won't be sold on Craig Robinson until I see some real progress. They were supposed to be a top half of the conference team last year, yet had some horrible losses in the early schedule to Texas A&M CC, Sacramento State and Illinois Chicago, and that was with basically everybody back. This season they lose players: Roeland Schaftenaar, Josh Tarver and Seth Tarver. There's some young talent in the program, but it's not on the level of the upper half programs in the conference.

10) Oregon

Still need to find a coach. The loss of Tajuan Porter will probably be a positive for the program, but as of right now they have no commitments for next season, and when the new coach arrives there's almost surely going to be some player turnover via transfers and possibly an early entry to the draft (Mike Dunigan). Tons of young players, so if the right coach gets on campus he could give this team some upward mobility, but right now the program is not in great shape.

Having a hard time finding any site that has any Pac-10 school ranked in the top 25( i think i saw one that had washington. Hopefully they will prove people wrong. i think Washington and Arizona could sneak in

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1. washington
3.Arizona state
4.washington state(they have the pac 10 player of the year)
5. Stanford(great recruiting class)
6.Arizona(chemistry is already there)
7.oregon state

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When was this released?

When was this released? Oregon has a coach, unless he was trying to take a shot at Coach Altman. Here's mine

1. Washington
3.Washington state
4. Arizona state
5. Arizona
6. USC
7. Stanford
8. Oregon state

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i think he was tryna take a

i think he was tryna take a shot

the first list is from a bunch of pac-10 fans from different sites. thats the concensous of what fans think each team will finish

as far as what i think i say

Washington st/Arizona
Arizona state/stanford(i think people keep forgetting about green all conference player and how good dwight powell is)
Oregon st

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this is my

this is my opinion:

1-washington(should be top 25. Great backcourt and maybe the 3 best defenders in the conference all on this team)

2-ucla(this is not a homer pick i promise. Just watch. Best frontcourt in the conference)

3-arizona(return lots of solid athletes and guys who can get out and run and create off the dribble. All led by maybe the best player in the conference in Derrick WIlliams)

4-arizona state(great wing players and solid athletes. Should be much improved at creating points off the dribble in half court sets which is where they really struggled last year. But losing eric boateng stings becasue they need an inside presence.)

5-washington state(one of the better backcourts in america i have to imagine with all american candidate kaly thompson and last years runner up for pac 10 freshman of the year in reggie moore. Deangelo casto provides the inside toughness, but this team really lacks depth outside of those big 3)

6-usc(great big man duo in vucevic and stephenson. Vucevic in particular is a double double machine and maybe the best center in the conference. Perimiter is a complete rehaul of new players, but they are athletic and should provide enough offense to keep the pressure off the bigs)

7-oregon(solid wings in armstead, longmire and singler who can all create points. Michael Dunigan if he reaches his potential as a junior can be one of the most dominant low post players in the confernce)

8-stanford(solid returning gaurds in jeremy green and jammelle mann. Green in particular can light it up from deep. Frontcourt is a brand new class of impressive looking freshman who provide stanford with the athletic difference makers they lacked last year. However, when one of the worst teams in the confernce losses its best player, thats not a good sign)

9-oregon state(they will make some improvements offensivley with a couple incvoming ball handlers and senior calvin haynes ready to step up and be an all-confernce level player. But they still have a weak frontcourt and they move backwards defensively next year)

10-california(all 5 starters leave. Some very good freshman, particularly sg allan crabbe who i htink could be one of the bigger impact freshman in the confernce and possibly lead the team in scoring. Markis saunder frison is a big who didnt fit their up teompo style last season, but he can make plays and dont be surprised if he is featured extensively)

overall the pac 10 is still kinda down from years past as most teams are full of young players. But it shouild be much better then last year. The top 5 teams(wash, ucla, ariz, ariz st, wash st) are all capable of making the tournament. The bottom 5 could be almomst put in a bag and hand picked to see what order they finish becasue they are all mediocre rebuilding squads.

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