Where does the LOYALTY lie?

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Where does the LOYALTY lie?

This morning on First Take they had my boy Derek Anderson on the show. The reason they had him on the show was because he went to both Ohio State & Kentucky, who will matchup tonight. I had no clue Anderson was at Ohio State then transferred to Kentucky. He was always one of my favorite slashers in the NBA. On the show he was rocking a sweatshirt that had both logo's with 2 & 3, because he lost a bet that both teams would not matchup in the Tourney. He was asked who was he going for & why he will not attend the game. At first he would not say who he was going for, but he slipped up & said "US" when referring to Kentucky in discussion. He stated he will not attend the game, because he does not want to be a distraction. I wish he was still in good enough shape to be a vet on a contending team. The only person in the NBA that I see compares to Anderson is Terrico White.

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I did not know he attended

I did not know he attended OSU either..... Rudy Fernendez reminds me of him.... both skinny build, can shoot the 3 ball, but also dunk on someone's head every once in a while.

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