Where do you think the top FA's should go...

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Where do you think the top FA's should go...

Dwight Howard- Rockets- I think the best place for him to win now is the Rockets. Teaming up with a young superstar in Harden and a nice 3rd opp in Parsons. Plus they have some young players that could become better or turn into a Vet that could help win now.

Chris Paul- Clips- Now that Doc is there could Cp3 really walk away? Plus with the talk of a Bledsoe for Afflalo deal. That puts a rock solid SG next to the superstar. Also with KG and PP most likely making their way to LA. He'll have the Vet team to make deep runs into the playoffs for the next 2-3 years.

Josh Smith- Spurs- As a Lakers fan I would hate this, but as a basketball fan it would be fun. Smith playing PF in SA would be great. And playing for a winner like SA would boost Smith in the eyes of fans. They would get to see how really good he is.

Andrew Bynum- Hawks- You'd have to sign him to a year to year buyout deal because of those knees, but something about Bynum and Horford looks great. And if Bynum stays on the floor and not hurt the Hwaks would really be on to something.

Andre Iguodala- Nuggets- I don't see why AI should try to leave. Was a big part of a 57 win team. I look at him to just get some years added to his deal by Denver.

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Dwight Howard = Atlanta or

Dwight Howard = Atlanta or Houston
Chris Paul = LA Clippers
Brandon Jennings = Utah Jazz
Paul Millsap = Philadelphia 76ers
Al Jefferson = Dallas Mavericks
Monta Ellis = Phoenix Suns
OJ Mayo = Indiana Pacers

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Dwight Howard- Rockets- D12

Dwight Howard- Rockets- D12 doesn't handle the pressure of LA well... especially now that Kobe won't be there during the most part of the season... and D12 won't accept to have the responsability of the failure next year... with Dantoni as a coach ? Houston will be the place for him.

Chris Paul- Clips- 100% agree... rivers, afflalo, maybe another vet'... contender.

Josh Smith- Spurs ?- I really don't see Smith in the pop' system. Not enough smart to understand and accept the role he'll have under pop'. The Spurs won't accept to give him kind of max contract whereas they have paid Parker and Ginobili around 12M the last 10 years. Smith should be dealt in a S&T (boston ? GS ?).

Andrew Bynum- Hawks- I think nobody should chase a man who doesn't love his sport and want big money... BUT after failing to bring D12 the Hawks are going to panic and waste their money...

Andre Iguodala- "Nuggets- I don't see why AI should try to leave." Because they change their coaching staff ...? Big Big HUGE reason for a veteran player as Iguy who already won big money and handle the pressure which goes with big contracts. Maybe Iguodala wants to win now and let's be true nobody can really see the Nuggets being real serious contender for the ring next year. I think he should try to go away to a real contender and accept a lil' paycut (between 7 and 9 M could be nice). Why not SA to bring another defensive wing and unselfish player ?

Brandon Jennings = Utah Jazz ? REALLY ?!!!!! God stockton should shoot himself in the ass if something like that happenned. I think he will accept the better deal... without thinking of something else that money. Orlando could be a place for him. No taxes, lots of shoots, lots of L... Jennings is a VERY dangerous bet.

Paul Millsap = Utah... they won't let both bigs go away. MIlsap is cheaper and more versatile.

Al Jefferson = San Antonio... perfect next to Duncan. Could be less a defesnive liability in the defensive spurs system with lots of helps.

Monta Ellis = Phoenix or Portand... needs scoring but heard he was looking for more W and maybe less money ...? Really !!! could it be possible that a professionnal basketball player take thAt kind of decision ? IF (big IF) he decided to go to memphis (no more Hollins...) or OKC in a S&T ?

OJ Mayo = Indiana Pacers - Chicago ... a contender where he will be a nice 3rd option. But he will have to accept a fair deal OR get bigger money in Portland or Minny.

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