where do you think they are going in the draft

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where do you think they are going in the draft

Where do you think they will go in the draft and which ones will be a good nba player and which ones will be a bust

Perry Jones: Raptors good and most likly a all-star

Alec Burks: Bobcats good

Tyler Honeycutt: Suns bust

Jordan Hamilton: Bulls good

Harrison Barnes: Jazz good

Terrence Jones: King good

Nolan Smith: Lakers bust

Brandon Knight: Knicks good

Kyle Singler: Magic bust

Chandler Parsons: Jazz in the 2nd Round good

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Here's where I think they will go...

Perry Jones: Cavs or Raptors

Alec Burks: Suns

Honeycutt: Bucks or 76ers

Hamilton: Jazz (remember the Jazz might have 2 lottery picks, and Texas does poorly in the tourney so Hamilton might nab a pick in the teens)

Barnes: Jazz or Cavs (Cavs really like him and might pick him with their pick from the Clippers. He would be really with the Jazz as well cuz he fits their style well)

Terrance Jones: Jazz or Kings

Nolan Smith: Lakers, Heat

Knight: Bobcats(with their 2nd pick from the Blazers) or Knicks

Singler: Couldn't tell you he's kind of tough to place. Could go lottery because he is clear leader of Duke and they could win the tourney. He is the leader since Irving is hurt for the season.

Parsons: Who knows. But I don't think the Jazz in the 2nd round would be good for him.

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My opinion

Perry Jones: Sacramento and All Star

Alec Burks: Bobcats good

Tyler Honeycutt: Suns bust

Jordan Hamilton: Jazzs good(sleeper?)

Harrison Barnes: Nets Bust

Terrence Jones: Toronto possibly all star

Nolan Smith: Lakers will be a solid back up

Brandon Knight: Pacers and a weak starter but a starter non the less

Kyle Singler: Minneseotta and a Luke Walton type

Chandler Parsons:Jazz and nothing

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Perry Jones: Won't reach true

Perry Jones: Won't reach true potential, will probably have a similar career as Tim Thomas, and have a decent career.

Alec Burks: Could be a real good 3rd option on a good team. Like a 16PPG scorer.

Tyler Honeycutt: He's going to be a solid player, perhaps Trevor Ariza with more agressivness and passion.

Jordan Hamilton: His game reminds me of Glen Rice. I can see him being a 20PPG scorer.

Harrison Barnes: His tools and skill-set is overrated to me, but I do see him having a solid NBA career. May develop into a 3rd scoring option on a good team, possibly a 2nd option. He has average 1st step to me and hasn't shown me anything that has "wowed" or impressed me.

Terrence Jones: Likely a 2nd option player. I dont see him being a franchise type player. He does remind me of Jamaal Mashburn.

Nolan Smith: One of my favorite prospects in this draft. I think he will be a solid player. I see him being a Tony Delk with better PG skills.

Brandon Knight: Another one of my favorites. He will be a starting PG and perhaps have a Billups type career.

Kyle Singler: Will be a good role player, possibly a bench player. He can do a little of everything and his versatility (SF/PF) will keep him in the league for atleast 10 years.

Chandler Parsons: I can't see him being anything in the league. Gordon Hayward and Luke Babbitt are much better prospects and even they are having a hard time adjusting to the league. Might be better off playing overseas.

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Gerald Henderson has been

Gerald Henderson has been playing some good basketball lately and doesn't really seem like a guy who could play with Burks because neither one is a good outside shooter. I don't think Burks is ready to start right now, but in a year or two you have two slashing shooting gurads with limited range fighting for the same position.

MJ loves big name college players and I could see the Bobcats going for Fredette to provide scoring off the bench right away or going for a wing scorer who could play sg and sf in Jordan Hamilton. I doubt Stephen Jackson is in their plan for the future and Hamilton would be a guy would could step up and play that kind of role with the team. I could also see one of the Morris twins going to the Bobcats because even they have very little front court scoring or depth.

I think Burks would be a good fit in Pheonix because he is terrific in transition and I feel like he would be a good fit in that system.

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Reassurance of my previous comment


Nets do not have a lottery pick this year because of the Dwill trade. So unless you think Barnes will be drafted in the late first round like 29 or 30 then he is not going to the Nets. Barnes is going to the Jazz.

I doubt Terrance Jones goes 4th, I think they would be better with Perry Jones or Enes Kanter.

Pacers already have a starter in Collison. I don't think Knight is beating him out. I still think he is going to the Bobcats because they are not quite sure about starting Augustin and they certainly aren't starting Livingston. So Knight would be a good pick that could start.

I kind of think Singler will go to the Warriors. They want a guy that plays tight D. and he can do that. They could also go with Leonard. The Warriors don't really need a starter so would be a great backup to Wright. They could also go with Valanciunas to help out Biedrins who could leave next year.

Honeycutt is a do everything type player but not too much athleticism. He needs to go a team that needs a player like Landry Fields. I think he would be good with the 76ers or if he does really well in the tourney then he'll go to the Bucks.

Burks is still going to the Suns because he can be a great backup to Carter. He could learn alot under him and when Carter retires, he will start and be a good player. The Suns can also teach him to shoot better, and he can still use that slashing ability as Carter is his mentor.

The Bobcats really need a 3 cuz they just traded away Wallace. So that is where I think Kawhi Leonard will go.

Kings will push hard for Irving cuz he is exactly the player they need. If they get the 3rd pick they will not stick with it. They will move up if they have to, to get Irving.

As for Parsons, what type of player is he. Have not seen him to much so I have no idea where he could or should go. Why do you think he'll go to the Jazz? Also I don't think the Jazz have a 2nd round pick. I believe it goes to the Bulls. Read somewhere on about that.

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