Where do you rank current players all time for your favorite team

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Where do you rank current players all time for your favorite team

This may be difficult for more established franchises, but with the Timberwolves it's not so hard.

Center- Pek is the best center in Wolves history and it's not real close unless you try to put Al Jefferson as a center, which he didn't really play for them. He beats out such luminaries as Rasho Nesterovic, Luc Longley, and Dean Garrett.

Power forward- Kevin Love slides in behind Garnett as the 2nd best the Wolves have had. Al Jefferson, Laettner, Tom Gugliotta all deserve some mention.

Small forward- Yikes. Who do you like Wally Sz, Tony Campbell, Sam Mitchell? Kevin Garnett in the early years so it's not so depressing? Since it hasn't even been decided if they will start Brewer or Budinger, I think we can all agree to wait for someone to make this a respectable conversation.

Shooting Guard- Kevin Martin doesn't need to do a ton to take over the top spot. If Ray Allen spent more than hours in a Wolves uniform, this would be no question. Sprewell had a boom or bust year, but made an impact. Isiah Rider scored meaningless points and won a dunk contest. Doug West was a nice player through the expansion years.

Point Guard- I think this is the most interesting question for the Wolves. Sam Cassell was a bad man the year they went to the conference finals, so I rate him first. Steph Marbury should be the answer to this question, but he let his head get in the way. I put Rubio in as third and I hope I get to quickly bump him to #1. Terrell Brandon was very good until he got hurt. A lot of people might not remember Chauncey Billups had a pretty good year before signing with the Pistons. Troy Hudson and Pooh Richardson round out the most competitive position for the Wolves.

I'm sure I forgot some, but compiling this list made it pretty easy to see why they haven't had too much success.

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PG- Walt Frazier
SG- Earl Monroe
SF- Carmelo Anthony/Bradly/King (was really tough to choose one)
PF- Charles Oakley
C- Patrick Ewing ;easily.

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Memphis Grizzlies. Just guys

Memphis Grizzlies. Just guys in Memphis. Sorry Shareef and Big Country.


PG: Mike Conley -- steady. Great leader, great speed. Can shoot, score, and pass.
SG: Tony Allen -- best defender in team history. Can't shoot but attacks on offense. Grindfather.
SF: Rudy Gay -- best all-around wing player in team history. Great athlete and can score in bunches.
PF: Zach Randolph -- Z Bo embodies Grizzlies inside-out basketball. Epic 2011 playoff run.
C: By far the best center in Memphis history. Very cerebral. Can score, board, pass, and defend.


PG: J Will -- brought swagger to Memphis pro basketball. Great handles and a creative passer.
SG: Mike Miller -- great shooter. Can also pass and rebound. Very versatile.
SF: Shane Battier -- great basketball IQ. Good leadership and intangibles. Solid all-around defense.
PF: Pau Gasol -- our original go-to guy. A 20-10 guy who could also play center. Good passer too.
C: Lorenzen Wright -- tough, lunch pail guy who could rebound, block shots, and finish inside.


PG: Kyle Lowry -- cannon ball point guard who could get to the basket.
SG: OJ Mayo -- good scorer but streaky. Didn't live up to the hype but good player overall.
SF: James Posey -- the high energy defensive ace of some of our earlier teams. Great role player.

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Toronto Raptors

PG: Jose Calderon
SG: DeMar DeRozan
SF: Vince Carter
PF: Chris Bosh
C: Antonio Davis (I believe Valanciunas will take over this position very soon)

PF and SF were the easiest decisions. PG came down to Jose, Alvin Williams, and Damon Staudemire, and Calderon had team records and was the best PG out of all of them.

SG could have put T-Mac, but his numbers AS A RAPTOR were not better than DeRozan's

finally Antonio Davis is the best center this team has had, tough and physical guy, and Valanciunas I think will overtake him because Valanciunas has a lot of potential to be a VERY good player in the near future.

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Ok, I'll play

Houston Rockets.

C- Olajuwon, obviously. Moses Malone second. Then, you gotta go with Yao Ming third. Dwight Howard will probably end up fourth. Ralph Sampson fifth (I know they played him as a PF, but they were both C's, and he was 7'4" tall. Cmon. Dikembe Mutumbo sixth.

PF- Elvin Hayes first, Charles Barkley second, Rudy Tomjonovich third, Otis Thorpe fourth, Luis Scola fifth, whether it's Omer Asik or Terrence Jones, neither would crack the top 5 all time.

SF - Clyde Drexler first, Tracy McGrady a close second, Robert Horry third, Chandler Parsons fourth, Shane Battier fifth

SG - James Harden first. Mike Newlin second. Cuttino Mobley third. Vernon Maxwell fourth. Kevin Martin fifth.

PG - Toughest spot to call. Calvin Murphy first. Steve Francis a close second. Sam Cassell third, Kenny Smith fourth, John Lucas fifth. Jeremy Lin sixth, at best.

EDIT: To explain, unlike some of the others, I interpreted this as "Where do you rank the current players for your team in the all time rankings?" That's why I had to go so far into the rankings.

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Definitely included current starters at all 5 care to explain the negs? Not a single Houston fan in the rest of the comments either...

Somebody just hates the Rockets I guess?

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Portland Trailblazers

PG- Terry Porter
SG- Clyde the Glyde Drexler
SF- Scottie Pippen
PF- LaMarcus Aldridge
C- Bill Walton

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All time Bulls.
5.Artis Gilmore

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You guys are doing it wrong I

You guys are doing it wrong I think. You are supposed to rank current players not just the best at each position.

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Then why did OP bring up Sam

Then why did OP bring up Sam Cassel? I'm so confused..

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Where do you rank CURRENT

Where do you rank CURRENT players guys.

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Bulls PG: Derrick Rose, hands


PG: Derrick Rose, hands down best PG they've had.

SG: Jimmy Butler. Obviously Jordan is #1. Ben Gordon had some good years for the Bulls. Ron Mercer, eh, I guess. Jerry Sloan abover Butler. I'd take Butler over John Salmons. Looking through the list of Bulls SG's, other than Jordan the list is pretty thin. Right now his ranking is incomplete, but if he continues to develop I could see him getting up to 3-5 range.

SF: Luol Deng: Pippen 1st. I'd probably take Artest over Deng when Artest was was a Bull, but it's close. Kukoc, close call, not sure there. Deng ranks pretty high at SF, 3rd or 4th.

PF: Carlos Boozer. Rodman 1st. Brand 2nd. Horace Grant 3rd. You know what? I f*cking hate Boozer, I'd take every single PF in the history of the Bulls over Boozer. Yes that includes the knucklehead Tyrus Thomas, the cheerleader himself Jack Haley, and the one and only White Mamba. At least I know those guys won't go up soft every single time around the basket and either get their shit swatted or just completely brick a gimme.

C: Joakim Noah. I'd take Artis Gilmore 1st with Noah 2nd.

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Reggie Theus

You're forgetting about Reggie Theus and Bob Love.

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Bucks. Uh yeah... Nobody

Bucks. Uh yeah... Nobody nowhere to be found. If Larry and Ilyasova continue to develop maybe one day.

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Raptors: C: Antonio


C: Antonio Davis/Jonas Valunciunas
PF: Chris Bosh/Charles Oakley
SF: Tracy McGrady/Rudy Gay/Alvin Robertson
SG: Vince Carter/DeMar DeRozan
PG: Damon Stoudemire/Jose Calderon/Alvin Williams

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Portland Trailblazers

PG Damian Lillard--5 Damian is probably gonna fly up this list soon if he stays, but right now I have him behind Petrie Porter Strickland and Stoudamire. Hollins is a somewhat close 6th
SG Wesley Matthews-- 8-12 Clyde Drexler is obviously first, and I think players like Roy Paxson Wells, and Rider are all better and then it's pretty close from there with Larry Steele Bob Gross Derek Anderson, and others
SF Nicolas Batum-- 4-8 Batum is also one who could rise if he stuck around but is behind Kersey,Vandeweghe, and Natt, and is pretty close with Lloyd Neal and Kenny Carr
PF-- LaMarcus Aldridge-- 5-7 this one is by far the toughest to decide but I think he won't be around much longer so he won't be able to rise much, but he's not as good as Maurice Lucas, but the rest are pretty near by, Clifford Robinson, Sidney Wicks, Rasheed Wallace,and Zach Randolph.
C- Robin Lopez-- Out of top ten. I really don't know how Lopez will do, I'm guessing he's not gonna improve like Kevin Duckworth, and he'll never be Bill Walton, Mychal Thompson, and Arvydas Sabonis. My guess is he'd be ranked around Dale Davis

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Current Grizzlies:


PG Mike Conley -- best point guard in team history.
SG Tony Allen -- best shooting guard in team history.
SF Tay Prince -- behind Rudy Gay and Shane Battier definitely. Also behind James Posey and Bonzi wells at this point as well as current backup Quincy Pondexter. Tay Prince is all time 6th best small forward but he could really move up this year.
PF Zach Randolph -- best power forward in team history. Some may argue Pau Gasol, but Z Bo has a much better playoff record.
C Marc Gasol -- best center in team history.


PG Nick Calathes. INCOMPLETE. Could turn into our most effective backup point guard since the Pau/Battier years.
SG Jerryd Bayless. Somewhere just outside the top 5 or 6 on best 2 guards in Memphis team history.
SG Mike Miller. Older now, but overall, 2nd best shooting guard in team history.
SG Josh Akognon. Hasn't suited up for us yet. Supposedly great shooter. Short with long arms. Watch out Terrance Kinsey.
SF Quincy Pondexter. Arguably better than Tay Prince. 5th best small forward in team history.
PF Ed Davis. Top ten power forward after having played only half a season. Hopefully moves into the top 5.
PF Jon Leuer. Just past ED on the all-time power forward list at Memphis. Could inch his way up this list.
C Kosta Koufos. Hasn't played a game for the Grizzlies yet. Still 4th all-time for Grizzlies centers.
C Fab Melo. Hasn't played for us yet. May not ever. Still top 15. Could move into the top 10 with 3 solid minutes of garbage time.

All Time Grizzlies Ranking by Position.


1. Mike Conley
2. Jason Williams -- at his best one of the best.
3. Kyle Lowry -- thunder ball who could get to the basket.
4. Brevin Knight
5. Damon Stoudamire
6. Earl Watson -- steady, solid to above average backup point guard.
7. Greivous Vasquez -- wish he was still on the team. Great point guard size, could pass too.
8. Tony Wroten. At his best, the next Jason Williams. At his worst, the next Jason Williams.
9. Allen Iverson -- Only 3 games. None at home. Chemistry was a disaster.
10. Gilbert Arenas -- played solidly in the few games for us before getting reinjured.
11. Bobby Jackson -- I am pretty sure he played for us at one time. Love that guy.
12. Elliott Perry -- I am pretty sure he played for us at one time. Love that guy.
13. Nick Calathes -- hasn't played for us yet, but still ahead of some other guys who did.
14. Jeremy Pargo -- had one pretty good game as a starter.
15. Ish Smith
16. Antonio Burks.


1. Tony Allen. Best shooting guard with worst shot in team history. Perhaps in NBA history.
2. Mike Miller. He could shoot, score, pass, and rebound. Just not in the playoffs. Was part of the 0-12 playoff Grizzlies also starring Pau Gasol and Shane Battier. Also a Rookie of the Year. 6th Man Award too. Then skipped town, never could sell his house in Memphis and returned to the Grizzlies before his house sold. Oh, was basically the 4th guy on the Heat's Big Three. Won two titles with the Heat with basically no back including a mind bending lights-out game from the 3 point line in the closeout game 5 of the Thunder series in 2012. Other highlights include averaging about 40 points a game for a stretch for the Grizzlies when coached by Tony Barone. Highlights in college include a buzzer beater in the round of 64 that eventually led to a trip to the Final Four. Basically the basketball Forrest Gump.
3. OJ Mayo -- Solid 2 guard if undersized. Good scorer but streaky shooter. Solid passer, but struggled at the point.
4. Jerryd Bayless -- Solid 2 guard if undersized. Good scorer but streaky shooter. Solid passer, but struggled at the point.
5. Wesley Person
6. Eddie Jones
7. Juan Carlos Navarro -- third best Spanish player in team history.
8. Dahntay Jones
9. Josh Selby -- based on summer league alone. Tore up summer league for two straight years. Nothing the rest of the time. Still better than the guy ranked tenth on this list (and fellow Kansas product).
10. Terrance Kinsey -- one of the best scrubs in team history.
11. Xavier Henry -- is it better to be a bust or better to be forgotten? Well, this guy is both. Couldn't shoot or score, or dribble, or pass. Good body though. LOOKS like a shooting guard.
12. Josh Akognon -- small but supposedly a nice shooter. If he steps on the court he will move past X Henry. If he dominates summer league (oh wait, he did pretty well there) he will move up past Josh Selby.


1. Rudy Gay -- best overall scorer and athlete in team history. Needs glasses though. No, seriously. Had a penchant for hitting game winners.
2. Shane Battier
3. James Posey -- Tony Allen before we got Tony Allen. Longer and wackier too.
4. Bonzi Wells -- could score, played inside. Like a 6'5 Z Bo. Visited Memphis, saw Beale St., got the head band.
5. Quincy Pondexter -- very good when on. Can hit corner 3's, rebound, fool fans into thinking he plays great defense, and even dunk. Played great last year when he was 100%.
6. Tay Prince -- played at about 50% for us last year due to age, not knowing the team, and being really banged up. Still serviceable.
7. Sam Young -- actually started some playoff games for us and we actually won some of them. Couldn't shoot. Strong, good dunker though. Actually better at the 4.
8. DeMarre Carroll -- Sam Young with dreads but without the strength/power/nifty dunks.
9. Rodney Carney -- this former Memphis Tiger suited up for us a couple of games. Well, I think he did. (I was there at the game!) Maybe it was just a dream...
10. Donte Greene -- was a member of the Grizzlies TWICE without playing a single game for us. Had great seats for the best playoff run in team history.
11. Quiton Ross -- Actually played for us. Was a rotation guy on one of the worst benches in the history of basketball. That includes the NBA, ABA, CBA, USBL, and YMCA.


1. Zach Randolph -- Z BO!!!!
2. Pau Gasol -- best player in team history to get roundly booed by the fans.
3. Darrell Arthur -- good before injuries, very good in the 2011 playoffs. Didn't do much last year.
4. Hakim Warrick -- looked to get himself going. Empty stats guy. Could score though. Should have been better.
5. Drew Gooden -- didn't finish his rookie year in Memphis but good enough for 4th on this list.
6. Dante Cunningham -- bouncy, rangy. Great motor. LONG. High energy. Gave 110% with his lunch pail. Hit a game winning put back against the Nuggets a couple of years ago.
7. Stromile Swift -- lacked Dante Cunningham's heart and motor. If he had that he would be third on this list. Good for highlight dunks and blocks. We have had worse power forwards in team history. Also played some 5.
8. Mo Speights -- big man. Great talent without the IQ or hustle. Should have been higher.
9. Ed Davis -- looks promising in what limited action I have seen him in. Should be able to move up this list. Watch out D.A.!
10. Ike Austin -- pretty sure he played for us. Good veteran presence (that is, if he really did play for us.)
11. Brian Cardinal. Memphis Grizzly Brian Cardinal just behind "out of nowhere" Brian Cardinal, Contract Year Brian Cardinal, and effectively D-ing up LeBron in the Finals Brian Cardinal.
12. Jon Leuer -- tall guy with a good shot. I think he will move up this list.
13. Josh Davis -- couldn't do much of anything but he made our opening game roster a couple of years.
14. Lawrence Roberts


1. Marc Gasol -- easily the best center in team history
2. Lorenzen Wright -- easily the second best center in team history.
3. Jerome Jordan -- played very well in preseason for us. Long, athletic. Could block shots. Nice dunker who teamed with Tony Wroten to give us some great highlights in last year's preseason. Never actually played a regular season game for us though.
4. Kosta Koufos -- hasn't played a game for us yet. Already fourth on the list. Should tell you something about this list.
5. Hamed Hadaddi -- if Iran has a basketball Hall of Fame then he will get in -- eventually. Best third string center in Grizzlies history. Unfortunately, he was our lone backup some of this year. What he lacked in speed he made up for in being slow. Robotic but he could take up space, use his length, block shots, score, and rebound. A fan favorite.
6. Bo Outlaw -- 6'8. Was on the downside of a marginal career when he played for us. Still ok, great work ethic.
7. Darko -- the one the only. DARKO. Oddily serviceable up front. Decent defense. Took up space and got in the way. Could block a shot or two and hit a jump shot. But, I mean HH is ahead of him...
8. Jake Tsakalidis -- played with Marc to form a powerful European punch. Big Jake was ok. No HH though.
9. Hasheem Thabeet -- actually showed flashes. A huge bust, but he was 7'2. Very effective in the middle when we went zone (no kidding). Loved him some malls. Worst assist guy in years. Thabeet's stat line does a very good impression of Yinka Dare's stat line. Semi-prolific Tweeter. Did I mention that he liked malls?
10. Cezary Trebansky -- tall. Skinny. Saw him at a Beale St. bar once.
11. Robert Archibald -- Got picked ahead of Carlos Boozer. Neither one has an NBA title though.
12. Fab Melo -- hasn't played for us yet. Still ahead of Kwame Brown.
13. Kwame Brown -- for a brief moment in history, suited up for my Grizzlies along with Hasheem and Darko.

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Raptors - Current Players

C- Valenciunas - Likely to be the greatest Raptor centre by the end of his career.

PF- Amir Johnson - will be one of the top PFs by the end, but definately not where Bosh still stands.

SF - Gay - Likely the best Raptors wing since Vince Carter. I'd still take T - Mac at SF unless Gay really steps it up.

SG - Will likely put up solid career stats for TO. #2 right now after Carter.

PG - Lowry... could be a top guy if he sticks around but it would take him a while to improve his rank above Calderon / Staudemire / Alvin Williams

Brew Meister Smith
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SG- Derozan - #2 behind Carter

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I'm not too familiar with all the past greats of Cavs, but I'll play

Current roster

Kyrie Irving - Talent wise, no doubt he is the best PG to play for Cavs, even surpassing Terrell Brandon or Lenny Wilkens. I believe if Irving sticks with Cavs for a longer tenure, he'll be considered greatest PG for Cavs ever.

Dion Waiters - If he fulfills his potential, he could be top 5, I dunno if he will ever be considered better than Austin Carr or Mark Price, although his talent is definitely there.

Earl Clark/Anthony Bennett - LeBron will always be the best SF ever to play for Cavs, even though I hate to admit it. If Bennett fulfills his potential, he could be 2nd best, but he's more of a power forward so I'm not sure.

Tristan Thompson - Can he be better than Larry Nance / Shawn Kemp? I don't think so, but he could be a consistent double double guy and is already a fan favorite with his passionate style. I don't think his ceiling is that high though.

Andrew Bynum/Anderson Varejao - Talent wise, Bynum can be the best C for Cavs if he stays out of injury trouble and play for a prolonged period of time. I do think putting up 17~18/10~12/2 for several seasons can put him ahead of Big Z and Daugherty. As for Varejao, I think he'd be put in similar ranks with Big Z and Daugherty.

Just for fun, Cavs all-time starting 5

Kyrie Irving
Mark Price
LeBron James
Larry Nance
Brad Daugherty

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ok, i'll give it a shot.

ok, i'll give it a shot. couple of things though, first i don't really like ranking players before the merger, yet alone before the 1960s because it's almost a completely different criteria. secondly, there are new players in this lineup, so it's almost a generous guesstimate of how they would be ranked. ok the lakers and there long history, here goes nothing:

steve nash - a generous 6th.
magic johnson, jerry west, nick van exel, norm nixon, derek fisher, steve nash

kobe bryant - sure fire 1st
honerable mention could be gail goodrich, byron scott and eddie jones

nick young - a very generous 10th, considering i'm totally guesstimating here. he hasn't played a game in a lakers uniform.
elgin baylor, james worthy, happy hairston, jamaal wilkes, cedric ceballos, rudy larusso, jim pollard, jim mcmillian, glen rice, and then i have a generous nick young at 10 assuming he out plays ron artest and trevor ariza.

pau gasol - could be considered a center also, but i would consider him the best laker pf of all time.
honerable mention could be lamar odom, bob mcadoo (if you consider him a pf during his tenure as a laker), vern mikkelson (doomed if he played in the modern era if he played the way the game was then), robert horry, sam perkins and ac green. kurt rambis will always be a favorite though.

chris kaman - i don't think he will be in a laker uniform for many years. he has some skills, but as a laker who has not played a game in a lakers uniform yet, i give him a generous 10 like nick young.
kareem abdul-jabbar, shaquille o'neal, wilt chamberlain, george mikan (wouldn't even make the league in today's game, but i have to include his ass), clyde lovellette (same), andrew bynum, vlade divac, dwight howard (what a joke that turned out to be, just not a match), elden campbell, and a generous chris kaman.

and these are how i'd rank them not as players, but as i understand the criteria as lakers.

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