Where do the HEAT go from here?

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Where do the HEAT go from here?

First of all, congratulation to the HEAT on their big finals win, awesome series & team with the most talent won. BUT the season is now over, and Pat Riley has some moves that need to be made...

Now that they have won a 2nd consecutive title, I don't see him breaking up the BIG3. Outside of those guys, however, this roster needs work. I don't know if you've noticed, but they aren't an entirely young team. Miller/Battier/Anderson/Haslem/Allen are ALL great rotation players, but are also ALL well into their 30's. In a league that values playoff experience, I don't see why a couple of those guys can't be moved for a younger piece or two. Sure it hurts, because each guy played a key role on this team, but the HEAT need some young blood in their veins. Insert the 2nd round of the draft here...

One trend that has really started to gain steam in the NBA is signing young, athletic guys to fill your last couple roster spots, versus signing an OLD guy like J. Howard. I understand the logic behind signing veterans, but believe those guys are better served on a young playoff team (OKC, Grizzlies, Clippers...) The obvious flip side of that logic is, put young un-proven talent around proven winners (Ummm, hello San Antonio has done it with 3/4 of their team) Even if Pat Riley decides to stand "Pat" with his roster, they should really do their homework on impact 2nd rounders/CHEAP free agents. I am also very interested to see who they put on their summer league roster because, weather they like it or not, they need to start putting some talent on the bench behind the BIG3. Who are some players you think would fit into the HEAT rotation?

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