Where Do the Detroit Pistons Stand?

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Where Do the Detroit Pistons Stand?

I'm just curious to hear your opinions on the Detroit Pistons. What do they do with Stuckey, Max, Villanueva, Bynum. Do they stand pact and bomb this season (they have no lottery picks for this upcoming draft) Or make a trade to potentially push them into the playoffs?

Personally, I think that they should trade Bynum will his stock his rising. I know boston needs a pg, Pacers need a back up pg. Bynum would be a nice fit in Indy. Also I would entertain offers for Stuckey and Max, and see if i would get a package deal for both them. In addition they should try to push for a trade that could put them in the playoffs.

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Why don't they have a draft

Why don't they have a draft pick?

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Detroit's lottery pick is

Detroit's lottery pick is top15 protected this year. Top 8 the next year, top 3 the following, and top 1 the last.. I think. I think they should trade any of those players they can for young players with potential or future draft picks.

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Charlie V will not have any

Charlie V will not have any value until next year when he has an expiring deal. Bynum may be interesting to another team as a backup, but I don tthink theyll get anything for him. Same for Stuckey- I think they are stuck with these players. Max be be interesting to a team looking to add a big off the bench. Detroit needs to figure out what Knight's potential is. Is he their future pg? sg? Also- how much time "together" on the court are Monroe and Drummond getting? Drummond has a lot of potential, but does he and Monroe mesh well on the court? IF so- in the draft, you go for the BPA outside of PF/C. If Knight shows potential as a sg, they can go after MCW, the taller pg who can guard the other team's sg. Or they can go after a sf- I like Glen Robinson on this squad, adding a hometown Michigan Wolverine to the team at a position of need.

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As a pistons fan, i really

As a pistons fan, i really dont want to see them make the playoffs this season and get swept by Miami or Indiana.

Bynum and Maxiell are free agents, I think if they don't cost too much to resign them. Its always handy to have a couple of veterans around when rebuilding.

I am not sure if Calderon will resign this offseason. If they could trade stuckey for a young player or draft pick that would be good.

I would like to see them draft Otto Porter, he would fit in well

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I think they should go after

I think they should go after Marcus Smart that way he starts at the 2 and allows Brandon Knight to stay at the 1 but have Smart handle the ball and knight play off the ball.

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