Where do the Celtics young prospects rank?

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Where do the Celtics young prospects rank?

So there are some predictibly good young cores around the league. The 76'ers have two 1st overall picks in Simmons and Fultz, Embiib who is looking to show he can have a healthy season, and Saric. Lakers have Ball, Ingram, Randle, and a slew of late round shockers in Kuzma and Nance. Suns and Nuggets have some good young talent. So how does the Celtics young core stack up?

Smart is poised to have an awesome year, losing a lot of weight in the offseason seems to have made the impact he wanted. He's quicker, his shot looks money, and he's still doing Marcus Smart stuff. I expect him to carve out a nice role as 6th man for the Celtics, and his offense will improve to a servicible level. Combined with his all-nba level defense and your have yourself a nice player. He'll prove his high draft selection this year.

Brown was the #3 pick, had a strong rookie year playing for a contender, and will look to make a jump playing with the starters. He proved to be a reliable 3pnt shooter and slasher last year, and adequet defender at times. He needs to show a new level of focus and awareness this year though to truly be an impact player. I expect him to play well, but he has a lot to prove.

Tatum looks like the real deal. His shot looks smooth, his activity on the glass and defensive end is a revelation. I have confidense in saying that if given a spot in the rotation he will excell and preform up to his draft position. He can score from all three levels, and will be a threat if he can make the open 3s he'll get playing in this system. Celtics think Tatum is still growing, and will end up at 6'9. I think they want to play him at pf soo badly, but need to wait for him to gain some mass and conditioning. If that ever happens, I expect big things from this rookie.

Rozier looks like he's a good player too. He's going to have a big roll as backup PG this year with Smart splitting SG minutes. I think he'll preform well. He's a good rebounder for his position, and plays active defense. He looks more confident on offense so far this year, so we'll see if that confidense translates over into the regular season.

Finally we have our end of th bench bigs, in Theis, Yabu, Semi, and Nader. Semi and Theis have looked like legit NBA players, and will fight for rotation minutes. Yabu will get his chances to show something too this year. Brad Stevens gives everyone a chance to play the fist two months of the season.

So where do they rank? I know Kyrie, Hayward, and Horford take the shine off these young guys, but I truly believe our prospects are better than the Lakers, Kings, and Denver, and just below the Suns and Sixers.

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I think the Celtics are right

I think the Celtics are right up there. Theis and Semi appear to have been very nice unexpected pick ups, while Tatum and Brown are top shelf. I'd rank them above the Suns too. I think Milwaukee and the Sixers are the other two up there with them.

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all gym rats

The scary thing about this Celtics core is they are all Gym Rats. When you have talent and work ethic you have a bright future. The celtics are top 5 with young talent. The next years lakers pick if 2 thru 6 puts them in talks to have the most talented young team in the league.

Rozier showed in the playoffs he's athletic, rebounds and can run a second unit. I think you will see his best numbers this year and he will be a solid back up too Kyrie. He's one of Ainges favorite players.

Smart in my opinion should be starting at the 2 and Jaylen And Tatum should come off the bench togeather too grow chemistry. That being said he will have his best year this year. He's lost 20 pounds but still has his big frame. He went from having a party ball to a 6 pack this summer. He's also tweaked his shot and he's starting to hit the 3 which is scary for opposing teams. I think he has a legit chance at 6th man of the year.

Jaylen Brown has been a huge surprise I remember people booing the pick on draft night. His approach to the game is amazing and his IQ is insane. He's very athletic and his defense is NBA all defense Level he can switch on picks and guard multiple positions. He still looks a little lost on offense at times but he's coming around. His shots improving and he should get a lot more minutes this year.

Tatums offense has been getting a lot of praise but when you listen to Brad and Al talk about him they both speak about his defense. Brad said he's years above age on the defenseive end. Al has been quoted in saying he can't believe how many balls he deflects and how good of a defenseive rebounder he is.

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